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Air Flip Drive (WIP)

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Race as far as possible before running out of fuel!
Collect rings to gain turbo, then turbo-tackle into other vehicles to gain fuel.
Originally created for Extra Credits Game Design Jam. Still a work-in-progress (WIP).

* Left or right arrow keys to steer.
* Down arrow to brake.
* While in air, press up or down arrow keys to glide up or dive respectively.
* While on ground, tap Z to bunny-hop.
* Hold X to use the turbo (works both on-ground and in-air). Requires turbo.
* Tap R to respawn at the middle of the track (early, if already off-track). This uses fuel.
* While on ground, hold Z to bunny-hop, then hold left or right arrow key to initiate drifting.
* One enters drift mode when white lines appear on the closest corner of the vehicle.  The trail particles on the ground will change as well.
* Once in drift mode, so long as the Z-key is held, the arrow keys can be let go.  In fact, they can now be used to adjust the trajectory of the drift.

* * *

**Known Bugs:**

* Track can intersect itself, creating situations where it's impossible to progress.
* Track suddenly "despawns" below you if it loops under where you're driving.
* Bad camera.
* Vehicle falls through the track and other geometry.
* Sometimes, the vehicle will respawn for no reason.

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Good game. Laggy on my comp though.

Great game, I personally only dislike the music.

Make no mistake; this is a very technically impressive game, and the visuals and music are to die foe right now. Turning also feels nice, which is impertinent in a driving game However, it is exceedingly easy to gain fuel, making the game easy, since there's no one else to race against, it gets repetitive fast, and re-spawning takes way too much fuel. Also the Hop is too small to ever do anything. I would recommend doing two things:
1. Re-balance the values of everything. Crashing takes away too little fuel, repawning takes away too much, boost rings don;t appear as often as they should, and group up too much, etc.
Many of these mechanics would work fine if the numbers were tweeked.
2. Make some actual levels. An endless mode is nice, but a game like this is dying for some racing tracks that are actually designed, an arena mode, and maybe even some objective based levels for single players.

This game is a great framework for what could be a great game. but right now? it's just that; a framework. So work with it! I'm sure with your visual and musical style, you'll turn some heads.

Not too shabby! It's certainly a little buggy and raw (it is a WIP), but I think it's got a good core as it is fun and cool to traverse the track; certainly a lot farther along than I would expect from a WIP compared to others. With a little more polish and juice, especially in the sound-effect department to help with feedback, I think you could make a really great racer here.

the music is horrifyingly bad, completely threw me out