December 16, 2002 –
January 31, 2008
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Old, old, old OLD old animation. Dear god, I look back at it now, a few years later, and my toes curl up in agony.

It has some charm I suppose. It was made when animutation was new and "cool". But was it ever?


Really, get that song out of my head, I don't even like it and it won't get out, help. Video wasn't much, there were a lot of overused gifs, and it desperately needed backgrounds that weren't just colors. Plus, it was repeditive. So, for your next animutation: less gifs, more backgrounds, more variety and things going on.

But I must say, I liked the title of this movie. Whatever "h.m.s.s.g.e.s.s.u.p" means.

XD!! This was the first newgrounds flash I had ever seen. I must admit, it's very funny even to this day. Epileptic (my spelling is bad..so sue me. XD) Seizure Fun Time! XD..now excuse me while i get the foam off my mouth..

excuse me while i go have a seizure.

that was like fuckin sweet now im hyper...


I like how the music was remixed. The girl's face on the butterfly looked a little weird. Next time try to synch the mouth moving with the music- like how you could of in some parts. I can understand that it maybe hard on the parts where she sings alot of words a fairly fast, but you had her mouth going ninty to nothing when she wasn't talking and on the iiiiieeeeiiiieeeeii. But other than that it was great.
DDR Rules!!!!!!!

an all around good video and the music is reallygood.

Who would have known that a fellow broodwar fan could create something so strange, yet at the same time funny.....Well Perhaps will fight eachother on broodwar some day. I love your mario ghost movie more tho.

Very animutaion-ish. While not the best, as there were a few quirks in the graphics and sound, it was overall beauty.

is it just me or are you trying to kill people damnit i got a seizure its not funny man

not to bad but.... IT GAVE ME A SEIZURE!!! eghhhhhh (~.~)

i dunno? it made the song look lame but its kinda foony with all that shit in the backround and stuff


The song is "Butterfly" BTW. It was allright. But I usually prefer more comical music videos and not random ones.

i would continue to watch whatever else you can/ will make but they will probly sux like this one

i like the Dance Dance Revolution music, cool remake of Smile.dk's Butterfly. thought the subliminal messages were cool...

Very well put together overall, and a good selection of music, which made this video (as the music makes or breaks a lot of these types). Get's a 4 from me

This is fucking insane. I almost got a seizure! THIS IS GREAT!!!

This is your funniest work yet, I especially like the odd pics in the flash, i've heard of that song before, but with Pokemon things added, instead of samurai noises...

If you want to find this other version, just download it with Kazaa, or something, it's called Pikachu remix - Pokemon, it's cool! :)

Please make more things like this, the portal needs things better than damn Clocks and A.P.I junk too! >:(

Keep it up, long live all Nintendo products! :)

That kiscked ass! weird music and graphics! best use of the usual .gif's I've ever seen! none of the scens ever got old! and new stuff as it went along.

You NEED a pause/play button! lol I can't read it! I right-clicked and un-played it to read the first paragraph in red, but the others just flew bye. at lease leave them on for the MINIMAl amount of time to read if you REALLy wat them to beleive you own their soul! :P

This is truly the most WONDERFUL FLASH I have ever seen. Using DDR music helps. For some odd reason, this reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons where they watched a Japanese cartoon.. "Super Seizure Robots" ..

mmmmm.... flashing lights!

Crazy japanese girl turning into Butterfly ... crazy subliminal messages and weird pop culture references...

This is my favorite flash ever. I give you a 5 on voting and a 10 in review!

That was epileptic seizure inducing... between the lady singing, the overly bright flashing colors, things moving by TOO quick for normal thought.. I loved it. 'scuze me while I do the epileptic twitch

So you did a really good job, most the time I just listen to DK and the video, but this really got my attention. The quickness of all the pix didn't hurt my eyes (so much tv) and the subliminal messages were pieced together after the 3rd time.. no i don't have anything better to do! And i have the 'every time you masturabate God kills a kitten.. DO IT FOR THE KITTEN!' shirt, so I had to give you an extra high score.

aarrgh..aggh fttt....tfftt...blaorgh!*foams from mouth*

Too much going on!!!! Brain eating itself! What else is new?

This is great! =D My eyes hurt and I think they will fall out and DIE!

NEways I think this was goodd. Very good. I mean this is gooder than good. But good is often used as great. But that is not true. Good is below great, but yours is gooder than good. Thus this is GREAT!

Yes the subliminal messages were well done. I don't know what is happening in my brain now. What it read without me noticing. I will now try to see if I can read those texts without having seizures. I like seizures btw. They make me good and salty.

I look at this flash as inspiration... At first I thought the flash was going to be stupid based on the name, man I was wrong. I really like the style! With lots of stuff happening at once (and the subliminal messages) I thought it cam together quite nicely. Also good choice of song(for the vid). I'd like to see more!

that was an interesting title. I love music videos, especially the crazy ones. Great job on the subliminal messages.

are you dutch or some thing?? if you are: vaag filmpje :P


DAM U ! i was gunna make that song into a movie!!!!! ah well i have more.. great fanimutation. plz watch my movies if u like this! and u watch too markior! VOTE FIFEN!

Since I reviewed your Mario's Ghost House Hell and I almost felt sorry about giving you 4/10, I thought I'd review this one. Anyone who puts in DDR music (+2 points, even though any consummate player is tired of Butterfly anymore), a samurai chick (+1) and characters from Mortal Kombat (+1) deserves this type of grade. Excellent job!

methinks your score may be a tad lower due to viewers' heads exploding after 20 seconds of watching this...

dunno why though it was just dunno just loved it

It was pretty funny. Was defently worth watching.

this is great the music,also the animation is more fluid and funnier than mario.h.h.

I've seen better animutations, but you get this for using one of the best songs off of DDR that there are. Props to you man. And thanks for not going overboard on the sound size as well.

Love the theme, love the beat persictance and accuracy.. Nice going!

It's got NINJAS and the goodness of Ramen Noodles. I enjoyed it very much. :)


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