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KidThief Game

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Oh no. You are a thief. A kid who steals. Did you know stealing is WRONG? You cannot win at this game. You WILL get caught, unless you quit. I promise you that.

There is NO music. You can choose your own music.
Hope you guys like this game.

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Game was sick as hell because stealing is badass and so are your game making skillz. Polished off.

this is stupid and i love it

An absolute masterpiece. would give this 6 stars if I could. the expert narrative combined with the amazing graphics make this the ideal game for all audiences. The message is sound and so is the gameplay. quite possibly the best game I've ever played. the cat with laser eyes is a great story element that shows the inner tourment of our main character, who I will be referring to as YB (Yellow Boy.) YB is torn between robbing the house and not robbing the house. The cat symbolizes the repourcussions YB may face if he enters the home, however YB knows that if he steals from the house, his little yellow family can eat for a week at least. The lack of dialogue is an amazing effect that lets you piece together the story by yourself through visual clues that are layed throughout the main storyline.

once again, an amazing game. 5/5 for as long as I live.

I don't need to tell you what's wrong with this game.

Oh boy where do I even begin, okay, let's start with the "tagline"
"Did you know stealing is WRONG?"
Isn't one of the oldest moral lessons that shows have show? Was it really needed to make a poorly made game just to hammer in something with half a brain would've already seen?
I can forgive the lack of music and bad graphic to a beginner, but not making a game winnable or literally lock players for any reason with no way to escape is one of the worst things that a game maker can do, it literally renders the game pointless.
Any bright sides? Yeah, the controls were functional, nothing more to add on that front.
If you wanted to make a game with a moral in mind, you still got to make the game enjoyable for people, otherwise, like I already mentioned, what's the point of playing it?