Gorillaz - Busted & Blue (Fan Music Video)

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Hi, this is a copy/paste of my description from youtube:

It's finally finished! Thank you everyone for the support over the past month of making this video!
Special thanks to my family, my best friends Nolan, Frosty, and William, thank you to Richard Van As for his help, and thank you to Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett, and Damon Albarn for the inspiration.

EDIT: I used the live version because using the album version gets blocked worldwide instantly lol

I used the programs Blender, Opentoonz, Premiere Pro, and After Effects for this project, along with a healthy amount of tea.

All credits to characters and Music go to Gorillaz

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?Insta: https://www.instagram.com/_trailbot/
?Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/trailbot_
?Site: https://trailbots.art

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Almost looks official!

Pretty nice Fan Gorillaz AMV here mate, it look great. Definitely look and felt like there style, nicely done here

Beautifully done.

Your art got the ascetic down, but there were parts where it was super chunky. A few more frames to the lip syncing or 2-D's movement would have gone along way.

TrailBot responds:

Oh yeah definitely! This was actually pretty much my first completed animation, and I self-set a deadline of 1 month because I knew I wouldn't get it done otherwise, but it was too short of a deadline to add too many in between frames. I really have to get better at scheduling myself tbh

Fantastic. A grade qualty! Nailed the Gorilaz feel.