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RUN Ultraspeed DEMO

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Click to jump, double click to double jump
This is the first mobile game I made. It's quite simple, but gets really fun as the speed gets faster!
This is a demo! For the full features, download on the play store for FREE!

Full version features:
- Collect coins
- Buy awesome skins in the store with coins
- Buy second lives with coins
- More updates on the way!

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nothing too special but I like the style and music

its a good game but there is no unlockables and its every time black and red but overal a ok game.

Nothing new here really. This is a game type that has been done time and again. About the only somewhat unique thing I see is the palette choice. You don't NEED to think of a twist on this type of game, but it would definitely be in your favor to do so, in order to make the game stand out.

I can't give any suggestions on just what to make this unique,but besides that, making the gravity of your jumps a little more predictable and controllable would be nice.

I see potential, so I hope you continue learning from this and expand upon it.

It's fun, but it could use a bit more complexity to it. Just a little bit.

Having no instructions is going to drive some people off. Just a single line in the description would benefit people; something like ‘one click to jump, two to double jump’ would be good. It actually took a while to realise there was double jump in this and it feels very unfair without it.

Usually, a game like this would also have some interesting music or sound effects, and no sound at all leaves it feeling flat.

I’m guessing you stripped out the features and made this a demo so you can get more ad revenue from the store version? I’m not sure, but I think this is a bit too bland to direct people to a full version.

I do like the minimalist red/black colour style though.