Overlove Prologue

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"If the game takes a lot of time to load, you can download the demo on Patreon"

Patreon Link: patreon.com/nyanimations

This is the prologue of project Overlove.

After a reconnaissance mission went wrong, you and LT. Lena Oxton must survive the blizzard that lurking the forest.


Directional Keys : Movement
Enter : Interaction
Esc : Pause/Menu

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@ecFTW cara eu não corri atrás de nivelar ,mas mesmo assim eu fiquei no nivl 14 (nivelei pro 15) você simplesmente pulou todos os combates que apesar de estressantes fizeram eu nem suar com aquele urso

I love Mcree, but there are waaaay too many random encounters! Just put fewer of them and make Mcree stronger, and you've got a very good game!

This is the game you should update more.

pretty good for a start, though like others have said encounters need to be toned down a bit, I also think enemy health should be dropped slightly. Enemy healthbars would be a good quality of life improvement as well. The walking animations are a little clunky but most of the lewd stuff seemed fine and that's really what's important. Everything else is pretty minor, you should probably rename the "magic" abilities to be something more in line with the rest of the game, instead of "spark" (I think that's what it was) maybe have "flashbang" or "fan the hammer". I think if you implemented those as well as tweaking the encounter rate you'd have an excellent game on your hands.

Encounter Rate a tad high; however, leveling up went fast the wolves were more annoying after level 10 made it up to level 12. Nice 3d, decent audio, would like to see more.

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2.61 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2019
6:34 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG