Autoerotic Coagulation

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This is my love letter to you.
I wish you felt the same way, but you accept me only when it's convenient for you.

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this looks more like a rated M game
but its good
simple,yet terrifying
great job

don't know why this was Rated A, no nips were found.... maybe it should have been M. But the way this was designed it is very interesting. there isn't much to it. It is kinda simple in how it does ARGHGH i wish you loved me but it did it well and made the person seem insane. Though it doesn't show what this guy does to mae him feel insane. or what he did to the woman. and the name, well it makes no sense. autoerotic referes to self pleasure. and coagulation and is the chaging of types of blood. Good but not impactful.

wowie alright, I had a great time with this tbh. it definitely gave me a 'Criminal Minds' kind of vibe (if you haven't seen that show completely recommend it, i've met people who haven't seen it just to clarify please don't hate me.) which was awesome. My only critiques are the visuals, they were very disorienting which I know was probably the idea but unfortunately the constant flashing in the background made my eyes lose focus and actually hurt a little, so maybe just bringing that down a notch would be an idea and maybe even a warning before the actual game or in the description especially for people who have epilepsy. second critique, adding a bit more to the game play itself would be nice but that's just a suggestion. But other than that I thoroughly enjoyed your game, it was very different from a lot of the games I've played. Honestly made me very uncomfortable and very very freaked out which is awesome.

What the fuck

Straight up serial killer shit. The visuals are interesting and I like your use of droning tones to create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Unfortunately the actual "game play" is repetitive to the point of being dull.

I think it would serve you well to use this art style to make something more diverse and fleshed out. Also, I get that being vague is part of what you're going for, but I think this would be more engaging if there were more to latch on to. Something more concrete than a flurry of emotional responses. Try writing an actual story, feel free to keep the game itself vague, but keeping an outline to direct your own train of thought when making something like this can be very helpful.

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2.94 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2019
2:19 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click