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My third animation is now complete. Sorry there isn't more background music, but it was hard to find the MP3's. Next up, Legend of Zelda.

Update: Once again, my animation is added to the Newgrounds collection. Thanks for all the reviews everyone. The Zelda animation is on it's way. Stay tuned!


That sound...

I remember those sounds, was that guy playing Metroid Fusion?


1 word:FUNNY


I really liked this, but compared to your other Flashes...
Well, in the Legend of Zelda vid, you said it's hard to do better then your previous Flashes :P

And to all the people who complain about his drawing style: He's a bobblehead master. The eyes and head are MEANT to be that way, and theyre MEANT to be cartoony. If you don't like his vids go make your own f--ing flashes...

To those of you who say he can do better: Youre pretty much right...

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Good but you should add vocals

It was good. There was great animation. I love the bobble-head style. (To all you past reviewers: The head isn't a mistake. He is famous [well, sort of] for his bobble-head style. He uses it to show emotion.) You really need to add vocals during the Otacon and Snake dialog. I know that you have a microphone. There were other vocals in here. The jokes were ok. You could have done better. Then again, this is one of your earlier flashes. Overall: Good, but you could have done (and you have done in other flashes) much better.


I'm sorry man, but that was bad. First of all the sound effects were ear-bleedingly sharp and of such poor quality that much of the background noise is obvious. The style was kind of like, southpark meets the simpsons, with super deformed faces and whatnot. The only voice in the transmission was shoddy at best, very un-funny, and didn't add anything to the movie. The graphics, however, were very well drawn out and probably some of the better quality than most MGS parody. In short, you had some good ideas but I found it not only unsatisfying but very...well...unfunny. The only jokes I really noticed involved snake buying a poker table and octacon having a thing for animal crackers, niether of which are funny. So in short, I thought your flash was very well animated but generally a waste of time.

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Dec 15, 2002
11:59 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 3rd Place December 17, 2002