(+18) Into the Forest Ch.6

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(WARNING: Using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox is highly recommended! Game may crash at start otherwise.)

Aaaand another one is here! Here is Into the Forest Ch.6. Don't wanna brag or anything, but this is probably my favourite chapter up to date.
Also, with this episode, this visual novel is entering its final stages: next chapter will be the last, and I'll give my best in order to offer a great conclusion to this story.

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This so far is a really good series

its such a well made story overall but there easy sneak little mistakes in storys like that like how timlett wouldnt have tell him already more about all that background he knew already. i know the work of animaiton and "painting" all the well made backgrounds and characters so obviously you have to make cuts on that... i wished there would be more inpactful choices like the callback of "if you could let the monster life" that one realy got me first thought they wouldnt mentioned that i already told them i would let it life... maybe you can try on further projects to implement more scenes that depend on your previous choices i know a huge task even aaa┬┤s struggle with cause of the amount of lose ends you have to think about but it would feel even deeper like that. even i dont have the money for support you (like i dont have the money to finaly upgrade my more then 10 year old pc :/ ) but i appreciate the work you did and hope you get enough earnings out of it you deserve for all that amount of work you put into it... thanks a lot

Babusgames responds:

Thank you very much!
Yes, to be honest I struggled a bit with the choices thing. I thought it would be an easier part of the job, but now I understand how hard it can be to do a game where choices feel really impactful. I'm sure I will do a better job on this aspect next time, though!

i just have really enjoyed this series so far and want to say that even though i cannot support you (lack of money) i wish you the best in your future. (hopefully u make more good games for me aswell). really hoping i can fuck vera in the next chapter, simply because 2 vera scenes are locked behind patreon rn. nonetheless, fantastic game


WOW!! We play through the character of Egel, and in most games you play through a character you admire. In THIS game, however, I find Egel to be a major ass, and that is a very interesting dramatic choice for a storyteller. Very brave of you! I don't have much sympathy for Carlis either. (So, he was the head of the Revolution, and it was just coincidence that Bert's death would make him the new Count? Did no one of the "revolutionaries" ever think of that obvious conflict of interest? Really?) Actually, I think the most tragic and truly pitiable character in this story is ... Lady August. She is arranged into a loveless marriage at the age of around 16. Bert never shows her ANY affection, and, unlike the townsfolk, she can't just go to the tavern or hang out with the girls. She is truly completely alone. So desperate is she for any human contact that she reaches out to Adolf. Then, her husband basically tortures her into being a sex slave. After all of that, it is remarkable that she has any trace of normalcy left. (In modern terms, she would now need years of psychotherapy to completely heal.) The fact that she is now ONLY lecherous is proof that she really does have a heart of gold. It is no wonder that she and Dulcis are so close. (Dulcis is also one of the victims, so of course I couldn't kill her.) This is very courageous storytelling.

After dispatching Bert, I see a few things still to be resolved. WHY did Ludara and Dulcis(!) give Egel the choice over whether Dulcis lives or dies? Why does Sekani keep referring to Egel as "my prince"? Are those two questions related? Can Dulcis be un-enchanted? Finally, can August somehow be rescued and given a life with someone who will really care for her?

Babusgames responds:

Thank you very much! I'm really thrilled to see you did such a good analysis of the plot. It makes all the work worth it!
Hope you enjoy the finale!