Negotiations with Monster association

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The last patron voted animation is out so I make this one public!

Seems that heroes tried a diplomatic way :)

If you like my work you can support me. You will be able to watch the lattest animations and download them in addition to vote the new characters and poses for future animations.


Hope you like it.

Enjoy! ^^

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One of my most favorite animations

okay, i was genuinely horrified by the internal shot sequence

Would be a nice, hot, change to have non-synced orgasms. I get it's better for animating, but I think your quality has skyrocketed so much that I think something like that would be worth your time put in.

DeepStroke responds:

Thank you very much. As you say it´s far easier animating a "sync" cumming. But you´ve got a point there. I´ll think about it in next projects ^^

I see you went the loli vag route for her :P
Does fit a bit with her appearance. Personally find it a bit too obvious/bland.
She's certainly deep like a horse though xD

Overall motion and whatnot is fine. About what you'd expect for this type of porn.
That is some exaggerated hyper dick+splodge porn though haha.
Pretty good internal effects. Though, while kinda matchingly cartoony... I dunno. It feels like it doesn't fit the tone.

It's like its trying to mix serious, (which, it can't xD) over the top silly, and sorta intimidating. It just doesn't add up with the sound, visuals and voice.
It was a bit too "random lol" to really work.

Like, it goes from "scary, rawr!" music and voices, to the "roflmao!" spongebob-ish comedy. Over to brutal one sided rape aftermath. Back to cartoon comedy. Then ends on a lighthearted anime joke. To me at least, it doesn't seem like this knows what it wants to be.

The Minotaur anatomy is mostly solid though.

I wish the character was on model, but this really well made and that mixed with the impregnation at the end made this worthwhile. Nice job, keep up the amazing work!

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3.96 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2019
8:00 AM EDT