MK: Smoke

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Here are the scenes of the character that was missing from MK: Outtakes. I was originally just going to make one scene but why make one scene when you could make four! ;)

Incase you don't know smoke is in the middle of the character select screen.

The bottom 2 scenes are crossover scenes of 2 other mk parodies you might know...

Some people wondered why I didn't just add this to the MK: Outtakes movie. Well there's a few reasons. 1. Not many people would have noticed that I added a new scene to it, 2. It would make the movie bigger which isn't fair for 56k users(like myself).

And no i'm not bashing any of the other mk parodies. I just thought it would be fun to mess with them a bit. ;)

This will be my last MK movie for awhile. I have many other projects I want to finish. If I do another mk flash I will make it Ultimate MK Outtakes using all the characters and bosses.


this iis a good video but its not the funniest

iI like it but I think there are other ones that are funnier.

Smoke is gangsta

I like the part where smoke steals a stereo! That was so "Street"! It's Smoke like ya'll never seen him before!

Smoke is a thug!

Extremely hilarious!

The funniest one was obviously the third one, but all four were extremely funny. It is always funny when Smoke steals things. Nice job!

SMOKE!!! SMOKE!!! SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY SMOKE SMOKE!!! my favorite out of all of them would hav to b when smoke punched liu kang in the balls....second is the friendship...3rd is the 3 time fatality...and last is the last ?..ya did great man mak mor flashes.....but try harder and it will probably b the best!!!:}

Lmao! omg!

Man That was funny! My favrite parts were the tic-tacs and the part with Stryker, lol that was sooo hilarious

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Dec 15, 2002
7:10 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature December 16, 2002