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First Date

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View this with the extra angle and another Angus animation already uploaded on my Patreon! All my animations are funded by my patrons! :3

View interactive version on my website: http://animatic.fun/


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I have a question to whoever made this why doesn’t this movie/gif/animation have the tag creampie?

Love it make more gay animations


Damn man this is hot and sexy, I love your animations

The little dick flop and pulse at the beginning was really good, the rest of the video was pretty good. The inherent struggle of porn is that realistic sex doesn't look good. So making realistic sex scenes isn't what a porn producer is going for. Just like making realistic combat isn't what a movie scene director is going for, complete realism is bland. What you want is showy sex or showy combat, embellish the movement, expose things that wouldn't normally be exposed, do deliberately unrealistic things in an effort to show the audience everything you can. I really liked the beginning because it set the scene well, the animation on the dick was really nice and fluid, and you could see development between the characters. The rest of the video felt like a few loops just to provide some filler. I would spend less time on the face to face scenes where no genitals are shown, and show more of the genitals in sex scenes. Basic pumping is realistic sex, but its not that visually interesting. Have the cock pop out of the hole so we can see the vagina and the glans clearly, that gives you an opportunity to display the juiciness of the scene to the viewer too with suction noises and visual drips/splashes. Contrarily, while there is some flexibility when it comes to realistic actions, with animated porn you have to be careful to keep the models and movements realistic in terms of how body parts work. Strange bending turns people off very quickly, but strange actions can be ignored, sex is kinda weird and awkward so people naturally shrug off strange behaviour easily. Criticisms aside your lighting and modeling is nicely smooth, which lends itself very well to the animal's cock texture and shininess. Again, the beginning of the animation with the dick pulse is really the star of the show here