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Elf Adventure: Seven Sisters

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Made with Flixel so SOUND is contolled by + and - or ZERO key. Clicking off game will pause it.

NOTE: Game was updated on 2020_03_28 and I TRIED to keep the savefiles intact, but if your game is suddenly funny or messed-up, sadly you might have to start a NEW game to fix the problem...

You start as Onetta, eldest elf sister, heading out on adventure. There are 6 'mates' she can interact with, but choose carefully (or don't) since your actions determine different endings. Next, you proceed again with Twosia, second sister. Same paths, perhaps you'll make better or worse decisions. As you progress, the mates will be taken, but will that stop the younger sisters from dating them? It's your choice.

--------------- Game Guide, Walkthru, Medals ---------------




50 clothing/weapons/items to find.

45 Medals for each Sister (each path unlocks different medals)

35 Upgrades (purchase with points from unlocked medals)

7 Sisters with multiple starting choices

6 Sex events, mates to interact with

2 starting skin colors

1 sex location (vaginal) with internal cumshots

Statistics screen showing all details on each sister's choices, ending and medals, viewable from start screen.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Note: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The game is finished and has many hours of replay value for FREE. The Patreon content is ALL bonuses to thank people for donating. You don't need to pay to play or finish the game.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

$1 Patreon content:

Makeup, Skin Effects, and Eye Styles unlocked

Ascending gifts 1 item to next sister

$3 Patreon content:

5 more skin colors ranging from ivory~espresso!

Anal Sex unlocked

Ascending gifts 3 items to next sister

+ 25 FREE upgrade points at game start

$5 Patreon content:

Cum on Face unlocked

Cum on Ass unlocked

Ascending gifts 5 items to next sister

Free Upgrades:

+ Futa-Penis Cums (worth 50 Points!)

+ 3 Daily Ginseng (worth 100 Points!)

+ Unlock Brothel (worth 250 Points!)

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enjoyable game play

SlingBang responds:

Glad you like the game!

423432"6"52342344"7"343422323"1"344333443"9"344344334"2"23 It's nice but a bit boring.

SlingBang responds:

Thanks! You should really

"free" release with hidden content everywhere. also the positions i saw so far are all the same.

SlingBang responds:

That's correct. If you search hard enough you can access most of the paid content for free, although, it's time-consuming. There is only the one position. The variety is the 50+ clothing items and the story choices you make.

Cool game, sadly gets repetitive but I did get all 7 of the endings. Side note, found a bug where the tentacles will always fuck you if they married one of your sisters.

An Edit because I came back to play this, another 2 bugs, you can die during sex and live by resting in some cases, just a fun thing for 5 free points. The other being you can go above 3 on both Grace and Strength. Still a fun game, also you can always cheat on the sister who marries the guard, recommend getting him as your second husband, first sister should probably go for the noble ending, a fighting start to just beat up the farmer (Smash the Mushroom can give you atk if you didn't pick the fighter start) and stay away from the swimming till you have fished for the Jade amulet or have 15 ATK to beat the tentacles, jog, eat shrooms for breast size, swim, climb both the mountain and tree, for those skills

SlingBang responds:

Nice job getting all 7 endings!
You were correct about the Tentacle error. I also found 2 more errors while testing the Tentacles: The final clothing 'Water Lily' was not appearing, and the pregnancy icon didn't change with a new sister. Yikes, how many other errors did I miss...
Well, I've patched the game so those problems should be fixed now.

I love the game honestly, but not sure how to raise my nobility of all things. I don't see a shop for clothes.

SlingBang responds:

There is actually no way to buy clothes other than in the \(^_^)/ menu. On the higher tiers you will transfer your best clothing items to the next sister but in the free version you can pass the Nobility test by just saving up 500 gold.

Credits & Info

3.24 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2019
9:29 AM EDT

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