Elf Adventure: Seven Sisters

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Made with Flixel so SOUND is contolled by + and - or ZERO key. Clicking off game will pause it.

NOTE: Game was updated on July 26 and I TRIED to keep the savefiles intact, but if your game is suddenly funny or messed-up, sadly you might have to start a NEW game to fix the problem...

You start as Onetta, eldest elf sister, heading out on adventure. There are 6 'mates' she can interact with, but choose carefully (or don't) since your actions determine different endings. Next, you proceed again with Twosia, second sister. Same paths, perhaps you'll make better or worse decisions. As you progress, the mates will be taken, but will that stop the younger sisters from dating them? It's your choice.

--------------- Game Guide, Walkthru, Medals ---------------


50 clothing/weapons/items to find.
45 Medals for each Sister (each path unlocks different medals)
35 Upgrades (purchase with points from unlocked medals)
7 Sisters with multiple starting choices
6 Sex events, mates to interact with
2 starting skin colors
1 sex location (vaginal) with internal cumshots

Statistics screen showing all details on each sister's choices, ending and medals, viewable from start screen.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Note: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The game is finished and has many hours of replay value for FREE. The Patreon content is ALL bonuses to thank people for donating. You don't need to pay to play or finish the game.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
$1 Patreon content:
Makeup, Skin Effects, and Eye Styles unlocked
Ascending gifts 1 item to next sister

$3 Patreon content:
5 more skin colors ranging from ivory~espresso!
Anal Sex unlocked
Ascending gifts 3 items to next sister
+ 25 FREE upgrade points at game start

$5 Patreon content:
Cum on Face unlocked
Cum on Ass unlocked
Ascending gifts 5 items to next sister
Free Upgrades:
+ Futa-Penis Cums (worth 50 Points!)
+ 3 Daily Ginseng (worth 100 Points!)
+ Unlock Brothel (worth 250 Points!)

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Well this made me decide to become a patron, since it looks pretty fun and I like this style of game. Though when I try to put in the password from patreon it continues to say 'undefined' and apparently doesn't unlock anything for me. So for now giving a low score until I get some clarification.

SlingBang responds:

Yep, everything I make is downloadable. There's a link on my main Patreon page. Message me there for more info.

I've spent about two hours playing that game and I've got few thoughts about it.
First of all - amazing idea, great potential for the gameplay and simple but nice customization of the character. Kudos for the points system and upgrades, they really help a lot. Secondly, I totally understand why you made some extra content for your Patrons and can't support you enough in gratifying those who help you with your income BUT the extra content is about 2/3 of the game content all in all. I really liked how you let some more attentive players work around those limitations but still, it was kind of hard and time-consuming. The graphics could use some polishing and the soundtrack could be a bit more various.
All in all, a nice game!

SlingBang responds:

Yeah, I'm kinda halfway on the Patreon thing. My newer games certainly have double the content for Patrons, but they are designed to still be fun and contain a full story and sex events for free. Also, even a one-time donation of $5 on Patreon will unlock everything I've ever made so it's not a bad deal.

Oh yeah, I had some free time so added the medal descriptions for you in the game guide. Hope it helps!

0/10 not as good as crunchling adventure

SlingBang responds:

So... I played that crunchling adventure you speak of...

how to unlock futa

SlingBang responds:

You have to climb to the top of the cliff, throw 50 gold into the fountain, then eat an orange to unlock the Futa Penis. Each additional 50 gold donated will increase the penis size (up to ridiculously large) You can also change the options in the Upgrades Menu after unlocking it.

Well Slingbang this game is amazing.
but i think there is a bug, i can not get the weapons collecter trophie!

SlingBang responds:

Nice to see you again, patchcap!

Oh yeah, I forgot to change that one! The last two weapons were from sex events I removed, so right now the only way to get them is as a rare item-drop from the fighting-type men in the brothel. I'll try to figure out a fix in the month-end update!

However, if you want to try to get it now: Max your fighting stats, then before having sex, get the Talons by beating the eagle in the Orchard. Then enter the brothel and sell your virginity ONLY to the Ranger, Fighter, or Rogue. Be sure to Haggle! You should get the Sword. Repeat with anal virginity to get the Axe. It will require some luck, so be prepared to Exit before the game saves and retry a few times!

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3.12 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2019
9:29 AM EDT
Adventure - Other