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Elf Adventure: Seven Sisters

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Author Comments

Made with Flixel so SOUND is contolled by + and - or ZERO key. Clicking off game will pause it.

NOTE: Game was updated on 2020_03_28 and I TRIED to keep the savefiles intact, but if your game is suddenly gone or messed-up, sadly you might have to start a NEW game to fix the problem...

~ To back-up your saveFiles, search your computer: com.Saves.015.sol ~

Make a copy in your personal folder, since saves get deleted by windows occasionally

You start as Onetta, eldest elf sister, heading out on adventure. There are 6 'mates' she can interact with, but choose carefully (or don't) since your actions determine different endings. Next, you proceed again with Twosia, second sister. Same paths, perhaps you'll make better or worse decisions. As you progress, the mates will be taken, but will that stop the younger sisters from dating them? It's your choice.


Game Guide, Walkthru, Medals:


Downloadable version: 1.12: (109.zip)


Offline Flash Player 31:




50 clothing/weapons/items to find.

45 Medals for each Sister (each path unlocks different medals)

35 Upgrades (purchase with points from unlocked medals)

7 Sisters with multiple starting choices

6 Sex events, mates to interact with

2 starting skin colors

1 sex location (vaginal) with internal cumshots

Statistics screen showing all details on each sister's choices, ending and medals, viewable from start screen.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Note: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The game is finished and has many hours of replay value for FREE. The Patreon content is ALL bonuses to thank people for donating. You don't need to pay to play or finish the game.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

$1 Patreon content:

Makeup, Skin Effects, and Eye Styles unlocked

Ascending gifts 1 item to next sister

$3 Patreon content:

5 more skin colors ranging from ivory~espresso!

Anal Sex unlocked

Ascending gifts 3 items to next sister

+ 25 FREE upgrade points at game start

$5 Patreon content:

Cum on Face unlocked

Cum on Ass unlocked

Ascending gifts 5 items to next sister

Free Upgrades:

+ Futa-Penis Cums (worth 50 Points!)

+ 3 Daily Ginseng (worth 100 Points!)

+ Unlock Brothel (worth 250 Points!)

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It's a neat game, but I am running into an issue where my saves are not being saved, and the tier keeps being set to undefined, my guess corrupting the save too. And this is happening at tier 0.

SlingBang responds:

It might be your browser cleaning up temp files (which is where saves are) It might be the Newgrounds player isn't compatible with some Flash games. I don't really know. Your best bet is to download the Offline game and Flash-Player, and backup your savefiles. Details in the "Author Comments" above.

So I tried to load the game after getting one of the sisters killed by another, third sister having sex 6 times with the first sister's husband and now all the sex scenes end in the third sister dying. That isn't normal, right?

Edit: It's fixed now, somehow reloading the page fixed it.

SlingBang responds:

Aaah, after checking the code I can see the error. When the sister is killed it turns on a switch to show the end scene, but I forgot to turn the switch off in the 'load saved game' function. Refreshing the browser (ctrl+r) resets ALL variables to default, which fixes the problem. Thanks for catching that error for me! I'll try to code better in the future.

So I managed to get a mate for each of the 6 eldest sisters...

Now I am playing with the last, youngest, most melancholic sister Seveniad in hardcore mode, because:

* The jade pendant, inherited from sister to sister all the way from the eldest sister Onetta, do not protect you against anything (the 50% protection applied only to Onetta, apparently, and lose its power after ascending for the first time);

* The only ending possible for poor Seveniad is death (sad, noble or epic), because there are no mates left to escape this.


EDIT: Glad I could help! :)


SlingBang responds:

I must say I'm impressed you manged to marry off all the women! In all the testing I did, I always lost a few (usually from not watching my HP) so never really considered it's impossible to finish ALL women happily, since the 7th possible ending is the Nobleman, but that is a... death ending as well. Note: If you do kill off Seveniad, you can view all the women in the \(^_^)/ screen but cannot play anymore, and starting a new game will ERASE all your data!

Thank-you for editing your post to explain HOW the jade pendant wasn't working, so I could check the code, and you are correct about it doing nothing when gifted. In fact, it's even WORSE, as none of the bonus items work after gifting (necklace, pendant, garter) because of a code change I made for an update... I've fixed it in the download version but sadly can't update the online version or it'll erase all player savefiles.

Also, nice job hacking the game. I had never even SEEN the ogre tattoos in-game before. (The Ogre was removed in ver.0.5)

So, you can't do it with soldier once you've trained both swimmin and climbin. Ability to manualy save game and store save file would be nice as it gets yeeted from time to time.

SlingBang responds:

Yeah, I vaguely remember trying to allow sex with the guard to continue after all the lessons but ran into 'some' problem... but I have no idea what it was anymore.

Flash deliberately disallows programmers from accessing the savefiles... some nonsense about security... However, you can FIND and copy the savefile on your computer by searching for


It should be a location something like ..../uploads.ungrounded.net/73400... Copy and save it in your personal folder since browsers occasionally delete save files without telling you... It should work in both the online and downloadable versions.

enjoyable game play

SlingBang responds:

Glad you like the game!