Price for Freedom: Katie

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Katie from Price for Freedom: Avarice.
The full public build is available here: http://priceforfreedom.net/#avarice-download

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Well, looking it over, can say the loli vag is a bit "eh". Comes off as a bit lacking compared to the penis detail. But: They are at least quite proportionate.
Really surprised to see a "prostitute" character with a sex drive and needs tbh. Regular females don't even have that 9/10 times, EVEN if they are the main character xD

Dialogue is quite solid too. A few porn tropes, but.
Also possibly some contradictions, unless she has one of those numb cervixes.
Some motions looped a bit awkwardly (mostly head ones) but I didn't see much of any clipping. (I did see some dick clipping though during the climax)

The sperm does kinda go straight through the dick oddly... but nice to see a protagonist that isn't hyper. Though, still quite a lot of dick talk heh.
Overall style and aesthetic is nice though.

super hot

This is a pretty amazing game if it's free

Where can I hear the OST of this game? Sounds so relaxing.

TeamDeadDeer responds:

Not at the moment since we are still working on it. But there is a player inside the game (Menu > Gallery > Soundtrack).

Nice game. But sorry: in the protologue its impossible for me to defeat the three undead guys. i have tried it 8 times already, but always failed. Is there some way to turb the difficultiy down?

TeamDeadDeer responds:

You can skip the combat if you are blocked. Bottom right button.

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2019
10:24 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG