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Price for Freedom: Katie

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Katie from Price for Freedom: Avarice.
The full public build is available here: http://priceforfreedom.net/#avarice-download

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the game is absolutely broken

- Add a textsize thats not hurting your eyes
- Add a font thats not hurting your eyes
- Add shortcuts for the answers (like 1) for the first answer, 2 for the seconed and so forth)
- wtf is wrong with the pussy from the 5 silver girl?
- also id love to see some kinks in the game except for futa though (maybe you can disable them in the options)

Can't read, please fix text colors

Well, looking it over, can say the loli vag is a bit "eh". Comes off as a bit lacking compared to the penis detail. But: They are at least quite proportionate.
Really surprised to see a "prostitute" character with a sex drive and needs tbh. Regular females don't even have that 9/10 times, EVEN if they are the main character xD

Dialogue is quite solid too. A few porn tropes, but.
Also possibly some contradictions, unless she has one of those numb cervixes.
Some motions looped a bit awkwardly (mostly head ones) but I didn't see much of any clipping. (I did see some dick clipping though during the climax)

The sperm does kinda go straight through the dick oddly... but nice to see a protagonist that isn't hyper. Though, still quite a lot of dick talk heh.
Overall style and aesthetic is nice though.

super hot