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Moonlighting - Futa Ibuki x Makoto (Street Fighter)

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Ibuki after spending the majority of her week getting flustered, spends time with Makoto.

The two had been in a romantic relationship for the past few months during Makoto's visit to her section of Japan. It started seemingly quickly between two as they trained together and had grown close.

But it soon evolved into much more, though neither has been willing to admit it.

After achieving what she sought to do. Makoto was set to return home shortly and maybe potentially build her own Dojo there. The only thing was... her and Ibuki had found a little something more in each other, and both seem to have reservations. Makoto as to whether or not she wants to go back home or whether she wants to build her dojo there, with Ibuki. As well as Ibuki, as to whether or not she wants Makoto to leave.

They were just training buddies, with the occasional roll in the sack, right? It can't be something stronger can it?

Whom are they trying to convince? Each other..or themselves.

Either way, this is their final night to say something about how they really feel for one another. Will they take advantage of it....? Tune in and find out.

Phew!! My second longest video to date. I hope ya'll enjoy it!

But whether you do, or don't, regardless, I hope you're all having a wonderful and fantastic day, thank you always for the support as usual. Feedback is of course welcome as always. it's how I know what ya'll like or want to see more of. But also, where advice is given. Either way, I hope you all have great days currently, and beyond.


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Very emotional and sexy!

love zone tan

animation was really good as well as the voice acting the only thing i would say that need work is the mouth animations just seemed a little off but everything else honestly i think was spot on great work