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CRUSH is a classic twin stick shooter game with a heavy focus on arena fighting. Inspired by SMASH TV, visuals and game play are created to capture the authentic retro feel. Play as a contestant (in single player or local co-op) on the greatest show on earth. You will navigate through multiple arenas, acquire new weapons, use powerful items, and win amazing cash and prizes... The only problem is, you have to survive. CRUSH is currently in development and available as early access.

Buy CRUSH: https://store.steampowered.com/app/783260/CRUSH/

Go to options and select FULL SCREEN for a better experience.

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wow great! it's a good remake!!

It is a pity that the demo version, Smash TV I played many times and it is a pity to pay for the same

P.S can you change your license and add the full version here? I'm not against your earnings, but I've played Smash TV 50 times and it's on the pegasus itself and it's a shame to pay for something I have for free on the emulator - seriously

It is a pity that when you are releasing a cloned game, it does not pay to return to business groups, I understand that they have helped you, but ... not for free and there is a problem because the license does not depend on you anymore. You say that you do not care about your income, you give the amount you have on your account, but the license does not depend on you anymore and hence you have no control over the game - it is always how you ask the business group for help, they take it over you have little or nothing to say .. now I write to you "maybe you will think about changing the license" and it no longer depends on you ... it's a pity, really a pity. And one more thing: I would not say anything if it was a new idea and it would be worth spending it, but Smash TV which I played over 50 times ... ?? and additionally this game I have in full versions on emulators

saltandpixel responds:

I like to respond and be respectful to everyone - I really try my best. I want to understand your point of view. I love SMASH TV - so much so that I spent 3 - 4 years of my life working on a love letter to it. I think it's awesome that you would compare it so closely.

I've been thinking over the past couple of weeks about making CRUSH a full featured HTML5 game, accessible to everyone and have ads supplement purchases. But I don't have the infrastructure for it, and people who play games online, unless they are a huge fan, tend to be casual players, play a little bit a move on. But these are just my opinions, and I can allow myself to be wrong.

I don't believe it's a pity or a shame though. This game exist because of a few people who have purchased early access, and wanted to support me and this game. They are the ones who've made it available to you on newgrounds. It's not about earnings, trust me, I only have $400 in my bank account right now. Comparing CRUSH to a game your playing on an emulator in this way feels insulting.

I wish you the best and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.


Classify it however you want: clone, remake, unoriginal, new spin, whatever - an opinion has no weight on the games value, because there is always someone with an opposite view.

Unfortunately for you and your position, there are more people enjoying the demo (without pity) and buying full access - so I don't understand why you insult them to get me to change the game's license. The early access purchasers paid for a full access license to an incomplete game - to help see it become complete. My income, the license, how I do business is my prerogative only.

What is pitiful is requesting the game be free and insulting those who enjoy and support it while boasting of another game you don't own legally anyways. You shouldn't have spent all your money on that high horse.

Smash TV is a game I sunk more hours into in my childhood than I'd honestly like to admit. XD
Seeing something come out that is close to it brings me joy of a small child inside.

What I'd note/suggest/change,etc.

Mute/Volume button or options: Though this seems to be an in working bit from the comments. Didn't really do much other than mute it cause volume was loud for time of night i was playing xD can't comment on if soundtrack is good or bad.

Hit boxes: Holy hell in a hand basket those barrel dudes are just not fair, I can never 100% guess
their range. Which is a HUGE issue for me when i'm dropping more than a few lives on them because you sent out 3-4 of them at a time. My suggestion for this, when they drop/deploy their explosives, make a red circle of their area so one knows I'm in that hit box or not. Its entirely frustrating losing a life to this because you think you're out of it but you're 1-2 pixels into it.
This also applies to the boss too, the AOE explosions NEED an indicator of range its just to guesstimate otherwise in a hell storm of movement.

Boss Health bar: This is something the source material didn't do and in truth it's a bit much not to
really have them now days, it'd save me time in a sense knowing how much I have left, a progress
meter of sorts vs just seeing the small bits of fire visual on them after what feels like 10+ minutes
of playing vs the boss.

Secrets: Now I'm sure there is going to be some in the later versions, heck there might be a few so far
in this version, wasn't able to find any of them though. Makes me curious, though a side note on this a question for you so to speak, in the teleporter room there is a control panel it seems that's destroyable, is this part of a secret or plans for something further? Or just some random destroyable part of the map?

Basic Rifle: I feel like the range could increase a little on this, boss was a bit of a pain due to dogging an AOE I can't have any idea on how far it's going to touch hit box wise.

Ion[laser rifle] rifle: Forgot its exact name now, the one that fires a single piercing beam. Feels like it could use a few more shots, seeing as its an easy to miss with weapon when you're down to a few enemies, power, speed, etc are all good.

Flamethrower: Extremely short range, but the leaving fire around is the benefit of that drawback. Might look at adding a bit more to the time the flames stay out.

Shotgun: Seems more like a burst fire, and the big issue with it is that it burns ammo FAST, it claims a high number but then drops 5 per shot, why not just make it say 10 shots or however many in the first place. Its sorta misleading and when you're running around thinking you're good in a fight to have it run out way before you'd think it would is a bit eh. Though its a difficulty add i guess in the sense of paying attention to everything.

land mine: These are nice but almost impossible to use the placement is random and thus strategy with that becomes nil if any at all might, think about making it a drop button for them.

Scatter shot: Not sure the actual name here, but its the circle pick up item that fires a burst outward, same issue as the land mines its got no real strategy when its placed in a terrible spot and nothing is around. Make it a controlled fire and its a good pick up.

Screen nuke: Didn't see one of these drop, most times it's the 'Bomb' of the game like when you respawn you drop all visible gen mobs off the map. This was in the original and feels like it would be a nice addition.

Drone: Similar to the nuke, in smash we had a mini drone whom would fire a 2nd round of normal fire at the same direction you were aiming at, could add this as it was a great power up to find and made room clearing a little easier when you did manage it.

Spiral blade[s]: Only get one is this, but it serves its purpose just as good if not really better than in the OG concept game.

Grenade launcher: The shooting and landing felt a bit slow which made it a chore using this thing, in smash TV it was rapid fire not super range, but had a wider hit box which made it lethal but would burn fast if you were not careful. Comparatively the model in the game is far less than ideal.

Figure that's enough for now, as its already a lot. XD Thanks for a fun game and a blast from a past in a sense. Kudos you earned the 5/5 you got faults in the game or not.

saltandpixel responds:

I love this - thanks for the feedback.

Sound/volume - working on it. I have a friend composing new original tracks, and I need to basically master everything and set it up to work. It's the painful kind of fun. lol

Health bar - personally I don't like health bars for this - It takes away the tension. But I'm going to have the bosses loose parts as you kill them so it feels rewarding.

Secrets - how do I talk about secrets with out ruining it..... I'll just say this. With my games, even after they are finished, I like to add stuff.

Weapons - Some of you points I like, there not hard to change, so I'll do some tweaking.

The land mine is kind of lame. I may just have it be an obstacle in the map, like in smash. I don't want to add anymore buttons to the game.

You're right, the scatter shot's (that's a fine name) effectiveness is determined by where it appears. I hate saying it like this, but I think that's part of the fun it - it helps tell a story. Maybe I could have it zip to the center and explode?

There is a nuke commented out in the back end.

Drones - I want to add more items, but right now the ammonaughts can be upgraded to hold a turret.

The gernade launcher can be a OP weapon - I don't wan to make it to powerful - I also don't want to copy smashes straight up. I need to think on it.

Thanks for 5/5 - it really means a lot. I'm glad I can connect with another smash fan. Let me know if you have any other thoughts. I can send you my email too.

The game has a good concept of shooter, the art is good, the game in general is very good. But the problem I found was the hit box issue, the sword guys can kill you without even having a hit against you, please fix this.

damn so addicting

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3.60 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2019
3:45 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
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