How It's Done By Zulu, Part One

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Would you like to know how I do the voodoo I do so...well, I think it's swell, anyway.
But here is the first in a series of how I make my animated shorts. If you guys like it, I'll put up more.
I have quite a few already done and available to see on my Patreon site at patreon.com/misterzulu.

Bon Ape-Teat!!

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Genuinely uninformative.

GodKingZulu responds:

Maybe...but it did make it through the voting, so enough people found something interesting about it. All the more reason to keep on going. :)


Doesn't belong on newgrounds

GodKingZulu responds:

Matter of opinion, isn't it? It didn't get the heave-ho, so somebody felt that it had a place here.

Enough somebodies felt it had a place here, which makes any point you have moot.

Sorry you wasted your time with your comment, if nothing else...

good stuff

This is impressively bad. This whole concept sucks. Who cares. From what I can tell, you draw some sort of rat with big tits. When done right, that’s probably really funny. The way you do it is horrible and I think you should give up.

GodKingZulu responds:

Nah. Don't think I will. I like what I do, and I'm going to keep on doing it. Hell, if it gets such a rise out of a schmuck with no life like you, I'm doing something right. With all the fans I've gotten here in such a short time, I'm obviously doing something right. So it's pretty much win-win for me. Makes me wonder what you'll get out of all this. Kind of wonder if you wasting your time on your "review" was worth it.
Case in point:

'Who cares'? You obviously do. Why else would you even waste time out of your life to comment on it. I can take time out of my life to do this to you because I have some sort of stake in this. What's your excuse? Seriously, how pathetic can you actually be?

And 'baddiarrhea'? Is that as clever as you can get? If so, you have no business telling people what they should and shouldn't do. You can go ahead and (try to) laugh at me for wasting my time with this, but again it's something I CAN DO BECAUSE I CREATED THIS. It's sort of expected of me.

But you. Dear God, you really need to reassess your life choices, buddy. Or your life is going to continue to suck to the point where you have to go online and tear a stranger down.

And do a shitty job of it. Does kind of go with the motif you have going on though, doesn't it?

Have a nice day....Sweet Jesus...

P.S. It's "you drew some sort of rat with big tits." You could be right, using it in present tense, but with you...just covering all of the proverbial bases....

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Jun 29, 2019
12:19 PM EDT