Officer Rachel

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Officer Rachel deals with a suspect her own special way.

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C'mon man! I just wanted to buy weed, I have a green card and everything

"Rachel, do we HAVE to include the gun for this?"
"Of course! Authenticity!"

Tifa sex in shower

Not a bad animation, but there's too much shine. Tone it back until during and after sex. Unless you want us to think that she has been sweating already (maybe she had to chase him), in which case she should be breathing harder at the beginning... maybe bent over panting while waving the gun at him. It would offer a good glimpse of cleavage from the front, and decent movement from the back. Also, the finger on the trigger during sex was a bit much... Gun in the face is hot as a symbol of authority and control, but nobody actually wants to DIE during sex. Maybe have her leaning back with her arms stretched behind her, holding her up. She can still have the gun in her hand, but it's not going to DO anything. Besides, it's not like she isn't already in control at that point... Voice work was pretty good.

*The one time being caught doesn't seem that bad.**