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Super Smash Newcomers Collab

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Author Comments

Over the span of several months 60+ artists joined forces to illustrate the characters we hoped would be in Super Smash Brothers:

1- MrSnappyEagle- SackBoy (https://twitter.com/MrSnappyEagle
2- Datbx- MaskedMan (https://twitter.com/datbx_)
3- Of Rosak- Guiegue (https://twitter.com/OfRosak)
4- waro- Doctor Eggman (https://www.instagram.com/__dimitri______________)
5- pabl0km- Tomba (https://twitter.com/Pabl0km)
6-Sharp-knives- Banjo Kazooi (https://twitter.com/SHARP_KNIVESS)
7-Droilius- CrashBandicoot (https://twitter.com/Droilius)
8-Funnyboijulius- Geno (https://twitter.com/funnyboijulius1)
9- Spoopie-Doopie- Spyro (https://twitter.com/spoopie_doopie)
10- babbysprite-Kei (https://twitter.com/babbysprite)
11-OctoDoesArt- Bandana Waddle Dee (https://twitter.com/OctoErnest)
12- TAR_HEAD- Isaac (https://twitter.com/TAR_HEAD)
13- Gravitopia64-MumboJumbo (https://twitter.com/gravitopia64)
14-Nonthings- ParappaTheRapper (https://twitter.com/nonthings1)
15-uranimus- Raz (https://twitter.com/uranimus)
16-TheGrayKirby- Waluigi (https://twitter.com/thegraykirby)
17- Yokomation- Lara Croft (https://twitter.com/yokomation)
18- KaiNovaKnight- Skull Kid (https://twitter.com/KaiNovaKnight)
19- Cheese Steven- Sans (https://www.reddit.com/user/Pizzano_Stevano)
20- Hiddency- Quote (https://twitter.com/hiddency_z)
21- TexanSoda- Rayman (https://twitter.com/TexanSoda)
22- Evan_McSheperd-Scorpion (https://twitter.com/Evan_McShepherd)
23- Omelettecounty-Marco (https://twitter.com/omelettecounty)
24-Deadline-AiAi (https://twitter.com/DeddoRain)
25- Trousers_Tavern- Hollow Knight (https://twitter.com/trousers_tavern)
26- M_ssBunn_-Nagito Komaeda (https://twitter.com/M_ssBunn_)
27- Gremlin Oreo- Conker (https://twitter.com/JordanOral)
28- Starjeti- Karate Joe (https://twitter.com/starjeti)
29- Discopal- Klonoa (https://twitter.com/discopal)
30- Bio Boyo- Funky Kong (https://twitter.com/bio_boyo)
31- DontSueMe_-Shovel Knight (https://twitter.com/DontSueMe_)
32- ZacharyMorine- Billy Hatcher (https://twitter.com/ZacharyMorine)
33- DeDeur_-Gum (https://twitter.com/DeDeur_)
34- NuzFungus- Jibanyan (https://twitter.com/nuzfungus?lang=he)
35- ToonMation- Earhtworm Jim (https://www.instagram.com/toonmation/)
36- Ur_everyday-fan- Mallow (https://twitter.com/ur_everyday_fan)
37- AntonioMabs- Blanka (https://twitter.com/AntonioMabs)
38- TYF2001- Labo-Man (https://twitter.com/TYF2001)
39- Chris_RWS- Master Chief (https://twitter.com/Chris_RWS)
40- Isoponds- Beowulf (https://twitter.com/isoponds)
41- Johnnisboy- Taizo Hori (https://twitter.com/johnnisboy)
42- Randy71931584- Jevil (https://twitter.com/Randy71931584)
43-theATSthetic- Cooking Mama (https://twitter.com/theATSthetic)
44- DoiDuhFlower- Zeke & Julie (https://twitter.com/DoiDuhFlower)
45- yeppermind- Red (https://twitter.com/Yeppermint)
46- El_Mike_03- Leon.S Kennedy (https://twitter.com/El_Mike_03)
47- effie_vagabond- Travis Touchdown (https://twitter.com/effie_vagabond)
48- Shwarmo- Ristar (https://twitter.com/shwarmo)
49- Holotense- Marx (https://twitter.com/holotense)
50- Mojo- Shantae (https://twitter.com/heyits_mojo))
51- hexalbee- The Batter (https://twitter.com/hexalbee)
52- RealMark Productions- DeBlob (https://twitter.com/RealMarkProd)
53- MrJourdd- Servebot (https://twitter.com/MrJourdd)
54- The_baconStrip- Glover (https://twitter.com/The_BaconStrip)
55- PonehAnon- DoomGuy (https://twitter.com/PonehAnon)
56- MacintoshVevo- The Prince of All Cosmos (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXiqY2Log8V65dazbdHF14w?))
57- Plumbus- Akinator (https://twitter.com/Plumtus)
58- Kaifraz4048-Raichu (https://twitter.com/Kaifraz4048)
59- TerastrialBean- Abe (https://twitter.com/TerastrialBean)
60- Dim_widdy- Ms.Pac-Man (https://twitter.com/Dim_widdy)
61- HeyHyper- Shadow The Hedgehog (https://twitter.com/HeyHyper)
62- Jadis_Draws- Madeline (https://twitter.com/Jadis_Draws)
63- ChippleDipple- YungVenuz (https://twitter.com/ ChippleDipple)

Hi-Res Printable Free Poster:
11” x 17”

Kreepman- Super Smash Bros. Brawl Medley (kreepman.newgrounds.com)

Produced by @Mr.SnappyEagle (http://twitter.com/MrSnappyEagle) and @AntonioMabs (http://twitter.com/antoniomabs)
Video Edited and Artists Cards by @MacintoshVEVO (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXiqY2Log8V65dazbdHF14w?)
Announcer Voice by @PonehAnon (http://twitter.com/PonehAnon)

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So nobody else hoped Spiderman would be in ssb?

It's a good thing that Sans and Banjo & Kazooie are in Smash Ultimate now!

Dude you can't just leak the entire roster for Smash 6 like that!

Mabelma responds:

😂😂😂😂 it would be so awesome if all these characters were in! My head would explode

I wonder which one of these characters got in...

o look at that the answer is banjo-kazooie

Mabelma responds:


I was just looking through the character list while the game was loading and i saw "sans" and i played it

Mabelma responds:

Dooope! Happy you liked it

Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2019
11:11 AM EDT