The Rest of Our Lives v0.1

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With the arrival of the wealthy Chuck Bing, the city is on fire as the most eligible bachelor has just hit the market. This is good news for Mrs. Bonnet who is looking to get her daughter Liz married off.

During their first meeting however, Liz meets Chuck's friend, Mr. Derby, and the two are immediately at each other's throats. Their fates are interwoven in this sexy tale of drama and romance.

** There is no audio in this version. There will be music in future versions **

About us: If you're new to an Uncle Artie game, we are a virtual studio structured like a low budget porn production. The characters are played by actors who bring their own quirks to the roles. If you want to learn more and see behind the scene stuff like interviews and on set stories, check out our patreon page: https://patreon.com/uncleartie

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Nice work. I know it's difficult to create a game from an existing story because, as you've said, when you add some choices they tend to be pointless if you want to stick to the original text with an omniscent narrator. You can always tell the story just from a character's point of view (Liz? Derby?), which would be the player's character, but that way you'll need to almost create an alternative whole novel with new 'non-canon' paths if you want those choices to be relevant. Actually I'm trying to do something similar with another classic and I feel kind of stuck, so I'll look forward to see how you guys sort things out.

UncleArtie responds:

Both sticking to the story closely while also making it look like it is shot as a movie so the whole thing is in 3rd person and it quickly made putting choices in it tougher than I expected. With what I'm hoping to do, I needed to stick close to the original to make my future ideas work, but it leaves it feeling like a japanese VN where you get a couple of choices and then it is just reading until your ending. If you want to make a more interactive version of this, you should stick to the main themes and the setting of the classic novel you are trying to do. From there, make a player character and create your own story within that setting with those themes and it will still feel true to the source material. It should also give you the chance to have more choices with meaning or at least throw in a few branches and what if scenarios to create an almost alternative universe for fans of the original story.

Nice, the only thing missing for me is to be able to decide something in game :)

UncleArtie responds:

When I was writing it, it had more choices but they all felt hollow and pointless so I took them out. Instead they will appear in later parts so readers can choose what ending they want.

Clear story, clear characters, really like the different ethnicities put into this. Great background and character design Only thing missing is what you put in the description which is audio, and what's most important in a game: music. Other than that, it's pretty solid so far.

UncleArtie responds:

We wanted a little more time with the soundtrack to get it right before adding it but I know what you mean. Great music is what makes great VNs. We'll be getting the music out soon.

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2.66 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2019
11:49 AM EDT
Adventure - Other