Seduction: A Night With Raven Demo

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Find the FULL version here:

Windows desktop version of the demo:

This is an older Sexyverse game. Due to the experimental nature of porting Ren'py games to HTML5, this demo on newgrounds performs slower than the desktop version.

You are the newest member of the Teen Titans and you find yourself given an invitation to more than the young superhero team. Raven has asked for you to join her in her room. What could she possibly want?

Seduction: A Night with Raven features engaging dialogue as you choose the best response to whatever Raven says. Do you have what it takes to put her mind at ease and her clothes on the floor? Choose your answers, choose your sex scenes, and even choose your own ending!

Sexyverse Comics



Bensound - http://www.bensound.com

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Absolutely hot and nicely drawn.

I dunno if I'd pay five bucks for it, but it was good.

EDIT: Perhaps a bit... unoptomized, though. My PC is far from weak, but it was struggling nonetheless.

DrXNG responds:

That's currently how the Ren'py games ported to HTML5 are. We used the official Ren'py tool - so we had no control over the performance loss on newgrounds. The official windows version does not have performance issues. Thanks for the review!

2 3 1 1 1 2 3 2 1 2 3 3 2 3 3 :P

The art is at least decent, while the story (and the engine) is... kinda clunky. It's basically like that I am reading some kind of a awkwardly written insert fic, just with dialogue tree; even as your first game, I hardly can accept that I have to pay 5 dollars for it while I can just use that money to buy some other better game of yours.

Music cut out after accidental mouse scroll. Granted this is an old game too so commenting on it isn't going to do much. The fact that 1 wrong choice out of the entire dialogue can sour her mood to flat out rejecting you is a bit of a let down (prior to her getting nude). Some of he dialogue could be trimmed as well, I don't think a semi paragraph describing how her breast's look and reaffirming the thinness of a costume is needed. But to each their own. Also menu options seem a tad redundant if I can literally roll back the entire game to see all options play out.

Edit: I didnt know that Ren'py actually had that as a function that the roll back was intentional.

DrXNG responds:

For going back to test different dialog options, this is a common feature of visual novels, especially one in Ren'py. I'll look into the music issue, thank you.
Edit: The music rollback issue has been fixed for this demo - there may be some popping with the music, but I think that's just due to the current version of the Ren'py exporter for HTML5, so it's been beyond my control.