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Is it possible to reboot Captain N The Game Master in the current gaming scene? Possible, but more than likely impossible to convince of one's vision for it. Four years ago I pitched the idea of doing this reboot, as a longshot among two other ideas I came up with then, to a local studio but was rejected. I kept drawing and thinking about the idea afterward though and came up with the idea to do a pitch animatic of a hypothetical trailer of what my concept was for a new Captain N.

This was a storyboard project six months in the making, with time also dedicated to art and managing Cats Don't Dance Reanimated while this was in the works. Almost all the voice clips here are recycled from games that had featured these characters and picked to match the context of the animatic. Maybe one day this Captain N might be able to get officially made, but for now the best I can do is not keep this bottled in with the other Nintendo fans of the world.

I present to you a "what if!"

Storyboarded and edited by I. Knox Robbins (@knoxrobbins)
- Drawn almost entirely in Photoshop Video Timeline, only two shots animated with Flash CS6

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Awesome! Quick question, could we expect to be seeing more non-nintendo characters? I noticed Sigma and Megaman x in there, with cyberdemon at the end. Maybe we could see some other Sega or Capcom characters. Maybe some of the more obscure or less used ones, like Viewtiful Joe. Also I loved how the EBA showed up.

That was beautiful!

I love the designs and the poses, you did a great job capturing the styles of Nintendo characters.
Excellent job there.

However...the idea itself is rather lacking.

I'm going to approach this in 2 ways, either 1: this is meant to be a faithful reboot of the original Captain N show, or 2: This is meant to be a re-imagining of the idea in general.

As a faithful reboot this fails entirely. This version of Kevin Keene does not resemble his previous incarnation at all. The hair is too long, his appearance does not resemble the original one, and he does not posses ANY of his previous trademarks.
-Varsity Jacket?-No
-N patch? No
-PowerPad? No(I can't believe you skipped out on the controller buckle idea in general.)

So we while don't have a Kevin Keene, do we have his supporting characters?
Excluding the video game exclusive partners(Megaman, Simon Belmot, Kid Icarus.)
Princess Lana was absent throughout this trailer, we can assume she wasn't included, so that's another strike.
King Charles was also absent, we can assume he wasn't included, so that's another strike.
Kevin's dog Duke was not seen, so we can assume he's been shafted as well, which gives us a final strike.

Even the way our main hero travels to Video Land has been changed too drastically. The original was more relatable in how Kevin is playing a Nintendo game when he is suddenly sucked into Video Land. This one has Kevin flying through a portal in a van?

And who is Kevin fighting in this show? We saw many different badguys, but who is the main villain? Why is Kevin fighting with the PowerGlove if this is meant to be "modern". And if he's allowed to use older gadgets, why not give him his powerpad and zapper?

This is way too much of a departure from the original show.

So with all that together,
Kevin looks totally different. None of the previous supporting characters return. And the main plot barely resembles the original(if at all).

I'm very sorry to say this, but based on these terms the faithfulness gets a 0/10.
It may have well just been called Super Smash bros the movie, as it has more in line with pitting Nintendo characters against each other, rather than remaking the original Captain N show.

However, if the goal was to be a re-imagining:
The main character's features look more feminine, and may be a female. If this is the case, I hate to say it but it hurts the overall idea.
Although I wish it weren't true, Video Games is mostly a male hobby. There are plenty of female gamers that exist, but most skilled players are male.
As such, the "Game Master" would more likely be a guy, rather than a girl.
Even the target demographic would mostly be guys, so it would make sense to have the main character be male so that he is more relatable.

Why is she only using the PowerGlove? I can tell she has switch controllers in one scene. But overall it just looks like she only uses the PowerGlove. If this is meant to be a more modern take on Captain N, then shouldn't she be using more Switch devices and Labo gear? Anything before the Nintendo Switch should be off limits.

What makes this chick worthy of fighting these video game characters? She doesn't show off any unique gaming skills or knowledge. Couldn't there have been a scene where she tells Palutena some secrets about the enemies, or guiding Falco to the real Andross, or punching BaldBull at just the right time? You know PROVE SHE'S A GAMER!

And lastly, what is she the "Captain" of? I didn't see her guiding anyone, and she has no friends here. It would have been better to introduce some Video Game rulers that we've never seen before. That way we know why she can be called "Captain Nintendo" if she was appointed by the "Video Land rulers of Nintendo".

So as far as a new take on Captain N, it's still not very good.
In this case, I'll give it a 2/10, because the premise tries to include so many distinct characters.
However that leads me to another major problem.
It seems to me you were much more focused on including different video game characters, that you never asked yourself "WHO is this show really about?"

When I look at this animatic, I see a lot of great designs, but all for a story catering to very few.

I do wish for a new Captain N series, but this is nowhere near what it should be.
If you ever come up with a new version more akin to the original, I'd love to see it.

Would watch if it were real.

This is the best nintendo animation i've seen on newgrounds. 10/10 would watch again

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