Sunset Defenders Short: Clean up on Aisle dumb

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When Comet encounters Tar-Mac holding up the 24 hour convenience store he springs to action, the two duke it out in an ultimate battle of good versus evil.

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The action and animation here is really good and an improvement on previous animations. Everything looks smoother and overall more pleasant to look at. Some parts of the animation still look a bit stiff, some actions just start with no anticipation or move too fast that it can be a bit jarring. Overall, though you did a great job of making an action short that had a lot of comic book charm. Nice work!

It looks like the same animation from the CN show series O.K K.O. Good shorts film though.

Super hero stuff, that's cool.

Not much anticipation or arcing in movements, which makes it feel very janky at times. Sound effects/music are very jarring. Character designs are decently interesting though.

ToastWizardTV responds:

Thanks for your thoughts..

This was EPIC but the villain was too much like venom but overall this was really good it reminded me of into the spider verse with the back round but if you look at the villain as well when the kid drop the cup the villain could totally see that 9 or 10 year old and I wish it was longer and the animation got a little rough but this was cool and it also gave me a my hero vibe as well

ToastWizardTV responds:

Thank you for your opinions. In future it would help if you punctuated your thoughts and sentences as I really struggled to read your comment.

I receive messages on Tar-Mac being a Venom clone, my simple rebuttal to these claims are, nah he's not really. His powers are based on Tar and concrete and do not offer a Jekyll and Hyde scenario that encompasses the Venom character.
The intention was that Comet (the 15 year old kid) was safely nestled behind a shelf and that Tar-Mac (the 20 year old Villain) had only glanced sideways in reaction to the noise.
Spiderverse was very fresh in my head when working on this short so it's influence really blended with my work.
The reason the film wasn't longer is very simple, It didn't need to be. There was a longer cut of this made before that spanned the city but it was just unnecessary also I was on a very strict deadline for college so I couldn't exactly stretch out the film without cutting corners.

That being said! thank you for your thoughts, I appreciate the time you took to comment on my film. I hope you stick around for future Sunset Defenders films.

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3.72 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2019
8:45 AM EDT