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Magus Elgar: Bridge

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Magus Elgar and his Apprentice Udo Malaaki have been requested to deal with people disappearing around a bridge. Trolls are notoriously territorial after all.

Magus Elgar is Animated now! If you want to see more of this series, visit Maguselgar.com

we're also on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDQRA6MSXHo

Magus Elgar: William Violenus
Udo Malaaki: Christopher Moore
Troll: Kennedy Phillips

Director, Writer, Sound Design: Kennedy Phillips
Animatic and Animation: Zach Paulus
Character Design: Shannon "Merv" Allen
Backgrounds, effects, compositing: Cole "Spectralbeacon" Jordan
Mixing: Christopher Moore
Composing: Adam "TheStyg" Halpin
Magus Elgar Theme: Hamed Hokamzadeh

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also concerned that i somehow guessed the ending 31 seconds in... probably just the way my thought processes work...

Why didn't I discover Magus Elgar sooner?!

MagusSerling responds:

well now you're a pioneer! The element of Discovery is in you! Share it to the world!

I really would have voted you number one if I had seen this video first. This is an awesome job done here and the voice acting is on point.

MagusSerling responds:

Alas. such is the crux of being an unknown! you can always still help us by showing your friends! the more people see this, the more likely we can get attention to make more!

The art style is great and... God I'm gonna be suspicious of bridges for the rest of my life. lol

Warning. This bridge is not what it seems

LOL i love this

Good voice acting but the straight man's acting sounds a bit mumbly? Needs to be a 'bit' more clear but overall this is great

I like the pacing and angles used thus far, take more risks! Surprise us!