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Powerless is an adult fantasy game where you play as a big titty elf princess. The game is under construction, so not all of the buttons work, the map size is limited and the story is incomplete. Follow the game's development on my Twitter!

You control a kingdom of Tauren while the king is sick. Every day you have 5 moves, and then you can choose to travel overnight to another territory. You can explore your castle and talk to your advisors to adjust the kingdom's affairs. Expand your cities and build temples and mills to increase production. This will let you recruit more soldiers for your army. Use your army to invade neighboring territories for the resources there. Rally your soldiers to increase your popularity in a territory and increase the strength of the soldiers in the unit stationed there. Learn new ways to rally your soldiers from the friendly oracle Nyla at the castle.

Resources and place names are generated randomly at the beginning of the game. No two game maps are the same!

Scenes so far:
1. Nyla the Oracle - go to the castle -> kitchen -> crypt. The first time you talk to her she will teach you how the pleasure system works. The next time she will teach you new scenes for the breeding box.
2. Breeding box - click the territory you are on to open the menu for it, go to the army tab (middle tab) and click Rally Soldiers. You can play through the scenes you learned from Nyla
3. Barracks pool - go to the castle -> inner courtyard -> barracks pool. This is unfinished
4. Wardrobe - go to the castle -> inner courtyard -> lower levels -> wardrobe to change your appearance.

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This is outrageously polished, especially for an Alpha build! the only complaint i have is that it doesn't have more... *ahem* content. the movement is perfect and fluid, the animations shine with polish, and character options are great!

Pretty good, but ive encountered a bug where i have 100lbs of gems and want to talk to Nyla only to say i dont have eneugh and removing said 100lbs of gems from my stats.

It's looking great. I am just wondering if there will be an option to trim that bush.

Pretty peculiar game. Overall quite impressive tbh.
Does feel a bit overly complicated, but its made for an extremely specific audience heh.
That said, I am a bit curious: You plan to only use hyper dicks and tits, or are there any plans of pussy to be involved? Even if just a bit more exotic than "porn vag" xP

keep it up this will be amazing

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3.56 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2019
4:53 AM EDT
Strategy - Other