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Junk City - Lou Kelly

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For more badass tunes from Lou Kelly:
HALF ASSED WEBSITE - https://loukellyproductions.wordpress.com
BANDCAMP - https://ltkmusic.bandcamp.com
FACENOVEL - https://facebook.com/LouKellyMusic
TWATTER - https://Twitter.comLouKellyMusic1
INSTAGRAMCRACKER - https://www.instagram.com/loukellymusic

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I love this video! It's like a blend of Courage the Cowardly Dog and Ralph Bakshi! The music also adds a twisted, jazzy atmosphere to the video!

Junk city made my junk say: "Can we go there please?"

Can't beat that unsettling realism.

Yep, epic!

Wow, I love your art style! Ten years ago, I remember being enthralled enough by your animation called "The Sea" to download it apparently. I recently found it while looking through some old files and decided to look you up again! Your art style has definitely improved and I love it even more! Keep creating cool shit, you cool shit creator you!