The UPN v0.6 Tentacle Edition

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Author Comments

The UPN is a game in constant development where you control the sexual actions of Crania the Goddess of Death, you can watch her in a big number of sexual positions with nasty underworld beasts.

You can also change her appearance, you can change her hairstyle, eye color, give her earrings, piercings and more.

This is a small part of the game, the full game has more levels, poses and an additional girl. Also you can record her sexual sessions and use the videos to earn money to buy new things for her like accessories and sexual toys.

You can download the full game for free at

You can interact with different "Pose Zones" represented by the purple markers in the ground, each pose zone has different poses and sexual animations for Crania to use.

WASD : Move
E : Interact / Enter pose zone
Q : Exit Pose zone

-Camera Controls-
WASD : Move camera
Scroll wheel : Zoom
Right click + Scroll wheel : Rotate camera
Right click : contro camera while walking

This game is in constant development, so new content, poses and features are always on the way, if you like to support the project please consider supporting me on patreon.


By supporting me you get access to exclusive content for my games, and if you become a $5+ patron you get to play the newest version before everyone else.

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this seems so meh. like its not good enough to hold my attention for more than 5 minutes. Her face is disgusting no way no how am i gonna be able to get off to that ugh. UI is bloody awful.

all im getting is the options, music/sounds, and a black screen. but i played a previous version and what i can recall is that its not bad

How can i use the syringe, or does it just sit there and do nothing right now?

Matpneumatos responds:

Hi, thanks for the review, it is a very limited feature, it might get more use in future versions.

The UI is a bit clunky, albeit, very complex. The one thing that really irks me about the girl is that she has hardly any hairline. that said, good stuff.

this is my favorite game i have played in a long time. i love her so much she is so beautiful. it has everything i love, tentacles, monsters and a sexey lady :) thank you so much.

Matpneumatos responds:

Hello! Thank you for the review and the nice words!

Credits & Info

2.98 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2019
11:36 PM EDT
Simulation - Other