Succubus Twins part1 (WIP)

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Succubus Twins part1 is a WIP extracted from our main game The Legend of LUST.
It features 2 hot demon girls with a desire to please.
This scene comes with a large variety of customization options such as: hair and skin color, boob size, several clothing styles and accessories, some actions like their pussy getting wet and more.
Also note that you can reduce/enlarge as well as drag and drop the menus.
We are already working on the expansion which we plan to release in about a month.
We did put a ridiculous amount of hours into this and we hope that you will like it's direction as we plan to add a lot more to it. New styles, new options and some actual sex animations.
If you wish to support production, please join our Patreon community and gain access to the Patron only extras.
Thank you and enjoy ;)

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The menus are poorly placed and block the content in some instances not to mention they block each other if you're trying to do styles and colors at the same time. Really the menu should be completely redesigned instead of trying to maintain the same chunky icons you use for the sex scenes, as an item and it's colors should be easily accessed as a pair. I'd review something else, but that's about the only new thing in this.

As there's nothing being shown here I'd strongly recommend not doing this sort of thing again. If you're treating Newgrounds as a source of advertisement for your game, you'd be better only posting content to actually entice people instead of just showing what is essentially a drawing with some layer options on it.


Please read description... menus can be moved around to the user's liking...
the rest... no comment...

You can't be serious. Not only have you gone through the trouble of releasing yet another paywall-laden micro-addition to your "game," which you've been Frankensteining parts onto for years, but you've even released a somehow LESS COMPLETE version of a scene, entirely devoid of actual animations.
This belongs in your developer updates section on Patreon, if anywhere. Post something with viable elements of interaction/gameplay, or post nothing.


I seriously disagree with every sentence (most of which are simply incorrect) in your hateful comment... sorry

PS people full of hate and anger, please just stay away from our page, no one forces you to follow our work and I'm sure you can find better ways to spend your time

I've always loved LoL but I've only ever seen one actual game on NG from the series. These characters are sexy and I love the lactation. That having been said, this isn't a game or even close to one. It's spam for your patreon. Can we get an updated demo of the actual game with premium content displayed behind paywalls for patreons please?

Edit: Thanks for the quick reply. Can I ask a favor of your future posts though for the sake of other ignorant folk like me? I didn't even think to explore your page to see what you were actually producing and if you hadn't replied to my comment I would always miss out. Could you maybe paraphrase your reply to me in your Author comments section of future NG content? I'm excited to be able to see your work but I'd hate for others to miss out for making the same mistake I did.


Well aj,
we have I think 8 versions on NG and I have already explained several times why the full game is not on NG anymore, it has just grown too big and requires a download. We do offer it for free though as a download on our website www.pgsotstudios.com as we have been advertising this for a long time now. It is the best we can do. Here on NG we post monthly some sex scenes and some updates.
Everything is for free, we only reserve some extras for our Patrons as a sign of gratitude for making this project possible (which are just that extras to the game, not main features, those are all free and complete for everyone).
If you think that sharing a WIP for free here on NG is spamming... well I don't know what to reply to that sorry...
Nowadays we normally just block 0 star people, as we consider them to be in the troll category.
In this particular case I will not, but I beg you to be a bit more considerate with your ratings, as you just rated 0 a scene that took a ridiculous amount of effort to make and that we released for free for the NG community to try out...

abit disappointing to have no actions but i have to say im liking the milk option but is more of a percinal preference 5 stars if we can get some action and animations but its a vary good start. cant say no to 2 hot demon ladys.


Thank you pox for trying this new scene out and for taking the time to leave a review. Yes it is a WIP and more will be added to it, including more actions.

Which artist are you thieves tracing over this time?

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3.13 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2019
8:08 AM EDT
Simulation - Other