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Jessika's Curse

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If you are having problems playing the demo, reading the blacksmith/guild text, or would prefer to download it for better performance, you can grab the downloadable version at our itch.io page - https://venusnoiregames.itch.io/jessikas-curse

Hello everyone,

We here at Venus Noire are happy to present you with the first demo for our latest project, Jessika’s Curse, a fantasy themed dungeon-crawler RPG inspired by Darkest Dungeon, featuring an all female party who must fight against monsters, as well as their own lust.

At the moment the game includes the town hub, Venkmar, with three locations, one area to explore with two enemies, and one quest (Alf’s Heirlooms) to complete. Bear in mind this is a very early demo, and we have a lot more features, as well as content, planned.

If you enjoy the demo, please consider supporting us at https://www.patreon.com/jessikascurse.

With more support we’ll be able to add more town locations, more dungeons, more enemies, and of course, more sexy content.


Use the mouse to select locations in towns, icons, objects, and skills and targets in combat.
Use WASD to move around inside dungeons.


You can get access to updated builds with more content as they become available by pledging $5 or more over on our patreon - https://www.patreon.com/jessikascurse.

And for as little as $1, you can get access to our feed, where you can see information about game development, including new art and new animations, before it becomes available to the public!




Lord Arioch: Project management, story, writing, and game design
Sommelier: Artwork and animation
Jr. X - Programming
Yron Vol - Public relations and marketing
Alexia the Sultry Rose - Voice acting

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the combat is the worst part of this game imo. the turns take way too long.

Game kinda makes no sense, i mean theres sounds everywhere but no sex noices or voices during scenes i like the art

This is pumpin' stoatin. It gives th' memory o' ancient sctootland whaur we fucked unicorns 'n' ate haggis!

The main point of a sex game should still be the sex part. Game is fine but you need a provoke sexual encounters. After all its make little sense for the goblins to reject 2 defeated babes after they win right? Let alone if you seem to be asking for it

"barely legal 118 year old elves, whores of velmars" got me laughing. the game mechanics are ok, the combat is easy to undertand. the combat could use some work, the fountains of healings could use some work, they could at leas dispell the charms of the monsters. the chest's could at least have more gold. and this is the type of game that needs random encounters. the voice actors are great. wish the game had more to offer. and there should be a veriaty of diffrent monsters. at least one the cligns on to the face and takes over the player. or some corruption. or at least the option for clothes or costumes.the game could go far, but the lack of content and less replayability makes the potential disapear. but should you play the game? yes. early on you get 1000 gold. and you can upgrade both of them to level 2 and have there armor and weapons to level 2 attack while saving 150 gold.agter breezing though the final part you win 600 gold and a chance to upgrade some more