Jessika's Curse

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If you are having problems playing the demo, reading the blacksmith/guild text, or would prefer to download it for better performance, you can grab the downloadable version at our itch.io page - https://venusnoiregames.itch.io/jessikas-curse

Hello everyone,

We here at Venus Noire are happy to present you with the first demo for our latest project, Jessika’s Curse, a fantasy themed dungeon-crawler RPG inspired by Darkest Dungeon, featuring an all female party who must fight against monsters, as well as their own lust.

At the moment the game includes the town hub, Venkmar, with three locations, one area to explore with two enemies, and one quest (Alf’s Heirlooms) to complete. Bear in mind this is a very early demo, and we have a lot more features, as well as content, planned.

If you enjoy the demo, please consider supporting us at https://www.patreon.com/jessikascurse.

With more support we’ll be able to add more town locations, more dungeons, more enemies, and of course, more sexy content.


Use the mouse to select locations in towns, icons, objects, and skills and targets in combat.
Use WASD to move around inside dungeons.


You can get access to updated builds with more content as they become available by pledging $5 or more over on our patreon - https://www.patreon.com/jessikascurse.

And for as little as $1, you can get access to our feed, where you can see information about game development, including new art and new animations, before it becomes available to the public!




Lord Arioch: Project management, story, writing, and game design
Sommelier: Artwork and animation
Jr. X - Programming
Yron Vol - Public relations and marketing
Alexia the Sultry Rose - Voice acting

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Anytime i go into the woods its nothing but black.

Lust break is broken, after the party wipes from it the stat down not go down once they wake up back in town, and if you try to leave after finding some gold but before the gage gets too full you keep NOTHING that you found on that run making the hole thing pointless. Got stuck in a loop of being forced to lose over and over and had to give up as just getting the hundreds of gold to cure the effect wasn't worth the grinding, never did find those heirlooms.

Looks very, very promising.
I like the battle system and the town options.
The maps don't make a lot of sense, though, and they're tediously long.
It looks like you have some random generation going on, but you need to consider that the walking is always right to left or vice versa.
So a downwards-facing map makes no intuitive sense.
I would be more than content going only right and left with random objects and path length.
Just reduce the path length a bit, or add a running option.
Walking around without any monsters for objects or other encounters make minutes seem looooong.

The battles are also tediously lengthy. Especially against large groups, or against monsters with very long battle animations. Please consider accelerating the pace or providing an option to reduce the animations.

If the gameplay pace is solved, I'd definitely buy this.

Sommelier responds:

You can press the numpad + to increase the battle speed

It doesn't seem to save....maybe because it's a demo? Also lust break....it's a good game mechanic but it really sucks when your out of money and cant do anything but go in and lose over and over til you have enough money to start over again. Great game though! Also does anyone know if there are other monsters in the demo besides goblins and mushrooms?

Lust Break also breaks the game and need to reload. Otherwise fantastic.