Hire Me, Fuck Me, Give Me a Raise! Alpha v0.6.51

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Still a work in progress. :)


-Save/Load should work properly now. (Your file from v0.6.5 will likely get corrupted, so just start a new file on v0.6.51. This save/load should be pretty solid now.)


-Changed the font to fix the black box issue, if you are still having the issue, reload your browser a few times or try clearing your cache.


-Added 3 sex scenes to Riya.
-Added 2 sex scenes to Elvira.
-Added 1 sex scene to Aria.
-Some new GUI.
-Added more restaurants to conqueror.
-Added Elvira, Aria, Mariana, and Mia for hire.
-Added more story chapters.
-Character GUI layout completely revamped.
-Brand new font for the entire game.
-Added tons more cheats.
-Added secret content
-Bug fixes.
-Added Save/Load.
-That's mostly it but there is probably other stuff that I have missed.


-Safiya, Riya, Elvira, and Aria are the only characters with sex scenes. Aria is available for $5 patrons.

-Sex level doesn't do anything as of right now.

-Hire a girl from your laptop and then sleep in your bed for your new hire to appear in your restaurant.

-Transfer your employees from one restaurant to another by using your laptop.

-Textbox GUI is new and might still change.

The game works best in Chrome and Firefox.

Keep the girls working and support the game here!


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Found a bug- when you have promoted worker and you reload the game( or maybe whole browser, I ain't sure I came back after few hours) they max work time is back at 8 hours.

whitehoney responds:

Yeah, that's fixed on my side. I don't want to corrupt everyone's save files so I will update the the web version later. It doesn't crash the game, so it isn't a big issue.

Thanks :)

any character model in a sex scene is blacked out and so are a few character models i reloaded the game several times and the glitch went away also the game says that you can give raises and demote employees but the demote option either is glitched or was removed but it is still displayed in the UI when talking to employees if you scroll over the raise option it says you can demote them i phrased it a bit oddly

whitehoney responds:

Yeah, reloading the game should fix most issues.

Demoting was a option before, but was removed because there was no point of it anymore.

I forgot to remove the demoting in the UI text. Thanks for reminding me. :)

Save/Load works-ish now(I played "this version" before the save/load fix). My save did get corrupted LOL. I got an army of Safiyas now XD.

Edit: found her stuck in doggy style in restaurant 2.
Edit2: Found an issue(or I done phucked up). What do people do if they ignored the missions, but the person you need to talk to disappears(when you get to max customers the building disappears)?

whitehoney responds:

An army of Safiyas? Lmao! How does that even happen? I seriously don't even know. xD

For Edit2, I have fixed this issue but I haven't updated the web browser version yet.

Save/Load is more fixed on my side, as well.

Yeah, just create a new file and make sure to talk to Elvira first before destroying her restaurant. Also, the maximum hours for each character from promotions doesn't get saved.

i enjoy what i played, but i got stuck on todo list in chapter three. i finished the first two tasks, and when i went to find elvira..... well i could not. i looked thourgh out the game but i only found the woman in the purple restaurant, and the 5$ patron character. i wounder if she was the red head, but that building disappeared and i can't exactly check. well overall alot of inprovement, but i got soft locked of sorts. this took some of the enjoyment out of the game.

whitehoney responds:

Sorry about that!

The game still has some kinks/bugs. I don't get much bug reporting on my patreon.

I will fix this, thanks for reporting!

Edit: I fixed the bug! It won't be present in the next release. :)

felt like donating until that option popped up with aria

whitehoney responds:

Yeah, Aria will be hidden in the next update until you reach the very last chapter, to show that there is a bit more extra content available for those who enjoyed the game. :)

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3.35 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2019
1:13 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click