The Adventure of Bleekofla

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You are Bleekofla, an intergalactic scout for an empire spreading across the galaxy. But of course you crash, so you must recover your ship by exploring and jumping your way to victory.(May take up to one minute to load)

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Unfortunately, I am unable to play the game. First of all, not clearly showing what the controls are is a huge mistake, especially when they are (apparently) so unintuitive. I say they are unintuitive because, other than the obvious wasd + space, there has to be some other button I'm unaware of. I am unable to complete any of the levels. I get to the part with the weird flying rectangle that moves vertically, and I am unable to proceed. This is both for the cave levels and the mountain levels.
If you could tell me how to proceed I would be grateful.

Edit: turns out you're supposed to hold space as you hit the rectangle. How was I supposed to know? This game has potential, but it's missing some clarity, it plays like a game from the 80s. Not to mention, it permanently loses focus as soon as I click anywhere outside the game window.
After beating the game, I'd say it has a nice design but it's very bare bones. The shop stuff wasn't really clear either: apparently I pay some dude to clear dungeons and get my shit components back? It seems you don't even have to play the difficult cave levels, although I did, you can just replay the same surface level over and over and win.

Fin-Deevy responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Can't play. Pressed space. Scrolled down page. Saw prev comment on refreshing page. Refreshed. Still same problem...?

Fin-Deevy responds:

Sorry about that, thanks for the feedback!

ok i don't liked it but i'll suport you cuz i want you to make better yourself
have a great week bro

Fin-Deevy responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

if the entire game is pressing space to scroll down the screen then its perfect ....

Fin-Deevy responds:

Sorry about that Justin, I would recommend refreshing the page.

press space, screen scrolls down

Fin-Deevy responds:

Sorry about that, I would recommend refreshing the page.

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Jun 11, 2019
2:11 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other