Mind Conquest 0.05

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After your first attempt at world domination left you dying in the ruins of your empire, a psychic woman attempts to steal your knowledge to kickstart her own empire.

Using the psychic link, you are able to possess her, and now the two of you must find a way to tolerate each other as you grow your new empire and take over the world!

This version has a fair number of updates since the last version including a complete UI overhaul. Here's what's new in this version of the game:

- New UI implemented for all areas and menus.
- Sophie added, along with her war and interrogation.
- Sex scene for Sophie added.
- Facial expressions for ??? updated to differ from Terri's.
- 2 additional tiers of upgrades for the Gate and Grates added.
- Starland Kingdom, and 2 sub-cities added.
- Magi Co Kingdom, and 2 sub-cities added.
- Starland, and Magi Co added to kingdom Management.
- Laurie Interrogation added.
- Laurie Sex Scene added.
- Azure Interrogation added.
- Azure Sex Scene added.
- New success/fail scenes added for Food/Wood/Iron theft.
- Formulas for attacks modified.

I had to update stencyl to a new version just a couple days ago, so it's possible the upgrade could introduce unexpected bugs. If any show up, I'll fix them as quickly as I can after I hear about them.

Patreon is on the warpath against Hypno content. I haven't been hit yet, but it could happen any time. If you want to help me keep making hypno content, please consider supporting me on Subscribestar. https://subscribestar.adult/profile/settings

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Love the concept, but whenever I try to click on the 'obedience/fear/love' thing to create connections, it doesn't work. Which, you know, is a big problem when that was the draw for me.

This game has an interesting premise, a few critiques I have at the early stages though: 1) The interrogation system seems clunky and not well explained. I had to reload 3 times before I got that you were supposed to commit to going through one category and only going in one direction. It might be my stupidity but it seemed confusing to read. 2) It looks like I can buy multiple upgrades to my defenses but can't seem to see where or how many I have of them already, a more direct way to see this would be appreciated.

Other than that the game is pretty amazing and I can't wait to see what the final product looks like!

Definetly got potential, for now, just go the direction where you want to go with this game and i'd appreciate if you add some other music since it gets very repetitive after a while

The game and concept are great,but the bugs really pull it down

So good keep working on it

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2019
1:59 AM EDT
Strategy - Other