Peach vs. Daisy: Who’s the ULTIMATE?! - Got A Minute?

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Peach and Daisy are a couple of peas in a pod, ladies and gentlemen, and it should come as no surprise their parallels are prevalent in Smash Bros, too! Got a minute?

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More fun info, Daisy and Peach are apparently cousins, her kingdom is Sarasaland. Despite the suggestion that she is "Luigi's Princess" as it has been hinted they are in a relationship, she actually gives Mario his first kiss in the entire Mario Series during her appearance at the ending of Super Mario Land (something which Peach had never done yet). Her personality is also quite different from Peach, being less prim and proper, more outgoing and daring, but also prone to attitude (mouthy, and has actually trash talked in the past). Daisy is the kind of girl you can have a lot of fun with, probably willing to go out dancing at a club instead of staying in and reading a book.

SchmidtTimes responds:

Awesome insight, pal. I appreciate that load of lore! I've actually never heard about Peach and Daisy being related, but that'd make their similarities all the more believable outside of strictly being vocational! Haha

Daisy all the way

SchmidtTimes responds:

I concur, pal. Daisy is a delight! Haha

Daisy is best girl and has always been best girl
fight me

SchmidtTimes responds:

There won't be any fisticuffs between the two of us, chum. Between those two characters, we're certainly in agreement!

What the hell is this? Newgrounds isn't supposed to be YouTube. It's a place for animations not blog videos.

SchmidtTimes responds:

I upload custom cuts to this platform for viewers who enjoy what I'm producing. Sorry to hear you're not among them, but that's okay! I hope you have a swell day all the same! Haha

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Jun 10, 2019
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