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Cookin’Truck is a tycoon game where you manage a Food Truck Business. Create your recipes, drive around the city to buy tasty ingredients, find the best spot to sell your meals and improve your business to become the leader of the market.

Version 1.4:
- Removes the training screen
- Fixes the cream and the chicken fillet

Version 1.3:
- Fixes the white screen bug
- Fixes the truck duplicates bug
- Exports the save to a file
- Displays the number of ingredients stored in the recipe creator

Version 1.2:
- Fixed the black screen bug at the end of the day
- Other miscellaneous fixes

Version 1.1:
- Game has been a little rebalanced
- Interface sound can be muted and volume has been reduced

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Definitely one of the better games on the site.
Biggest issues with it are:
1) Lack of menu slots. Can only have 3 options for customers.
(No wonder they are always complaining that there is nothing interesting to buy.)
2) Lack of prep options.
Sure, you can make fries in the kitchen, but how about being able to prep salads so that they don't take 5 minutes?
3) Can't control food in the refrigerated / non refrigerated areas.
It would be great to put the stuff with shortest shelf life into the refrigerator directly, without having to move stuff in and out of the warehouse to achive it.
4) In ability to access the warehouse after the start of the day.
It is often needed to buy some stuff, then drop a few items for balancing to make the max number of meals prepareable. The "Morning only" access makes it a requirement to finish all buying the night before.
5) lack of space on the truck.
I can see a 2nd truck at the warehouse, maybe I could bring that to the park to resupply the lunch truck? Send it to buy more ingredients?
When the port and university open: use the 2nd truck to service 2 areas at the same time.

6) would be good to have different hours available.
Morning break for the factory (requiring "morning break" type foods
After school foods for the university. (Pizzas and burgers)

7) Would be good to have drinks (refrigerated space) and sides (french fries, fruit, Corn on the cob.)

Definitely a fun game, but could really use this extra content.

Also: there are 2 ways to look at the balance sheet:
1) Total revenue vs new goods purchased on a daily basis
2) Price / cost per item

Currently the 2nd needs to be done by the player manually, and it very relevant to setting proper pricing on the menu items, as well as for deciding what to have on the menu.

And: It would be nice to be able to poll the customers that were "just looking" to find out what they were hoping for, instead of just "nothing of interest". Frankly: they only have 1/2 hour to eat (workers) so they better buy what's available. They need their strength to go back to work!

Maybe have them buy the cheapest / fastest thing on the menu?

One bug that I've found:
The game says you can enter the park at 11, and the students / workers will leave their houses at 11:30, but they seem to not come out until 12+ which results in some of them not getting to the park until lunch time is over. Likewise: anyone showing up late is simply sent away, instead of getting served.

love the music

I love the simplistic graphics, A lovely game all in all.

Good game, just wish there was more to it. Like more item slots to unlock, more interaction, more ingredients, etc. Really got into the grindiness of it but once I realized there wasn't much to it/nothing else to unlock I got bored immediately. This almost seems like an incomplete game.

Its pretty good. I just couldnt get into it.