Big Bash Bolt

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Note, this is a demo, and is still being actively developed. The levels are not yet ready to be played, however the 'endless' mode is. Sorry for any confusion.

In this hybrid action/stealth/racing game, you find yourself at an international racing event! Only problem is; you have never trained before, and nor are you fit. In a fair world, you would be constantly eating the other athletes' dust! You could give up, but that's for losers; instead you take an unconventional route.

To win, you will need to cheat your way through the system as much as possible. Do anything at all that could benefit your cause, including cutting corners, magical potions, vandalism and straight-up murder! Watch out for Race Officials however, as they patrol the course, wary of wrongdoers.

Left click to use held item, right click to hide the held item.
WASD or arrows to move and Q to discard the held item.

All artwork was made by myself, and the awesome soundtrack was made by Jono Heydeman. (Shout out to him!)

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I like the concept, but:
1. I wish you were faster at the start. Especially given how often you'll be restarting.
2. The camera is ASS. Not only am I unable to see what I want/need to see, but the constant shifting is nauseating.
3. Some kind of guide explaining the items and the various rules/tips would be nice.
4. I can't seem to use potions at all without near instantly losing the next time I'm seen.

JUSTCAMH responds:

Cool, thanks for giving me things to work on, I completely agree with the starting speed thing. I'll make sure to fix that for the next update.

Very good game,

It took some practice but I did manage to win. I am looking forward to the levels. Maybe you can ad a multiplayer mode, that ought to give some interesting results.

In the controls section you might want to mention that the mouse scrolling wheel is for changing items. I needed some time before I caught on to that one, kept trying buttons on my keyboard while trying to run the race.

seems like it has potential, but it's pretty hard to count this as a stealth game when there's so many guards that i'm stuck to the track. never knew how to use/grab the items on the sidewalk and such

JUSTCAMH responds:

Yeah, that's completely fair. Levels are in development, and the primary goal of that will be to ease you into the experience. Thank you for playing, and I'm sorry that it is in an incomplete state. Cheers!

It's a good game, looks really fun, but there are just too many guards at the start. It seems impossible to get past any of the guards, especially when it's hard to see their vision cones. Maybe make the cones a little darker so they're seen better? Also, when I started, I had no idea where any of the checkpoints were, so maybe have a map at the beginning to show where they are so you aren't wandering around the map for a while. Other than that, I like the concept, so keep working on it!

JUSTCAMH responds:

Heya thanks for checkin the game out and for your in depth review! As a developmental project, I'll definitely be coming back to this review to find things to fix. Thank you so much for your support!

wtf why put this out if there isn't any fucking levels AHHH my dad fucking beats me!!!

JUSTCAMH responds:

Because I had no idea that it would get so many views XD. I suppose you could call me a Newgrounds newb, cos this stuff is all new to me. I'm working on cleaning everything up as I speak! I've got some awesome ideas for future content, and it's gonna be awesome. But in the meantime, apologies for posting an incomplete project. Thanks for playing!

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3.00 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2019
3:19 AM EDT
Action - Other