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Pray for Pleasure

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It's symbolism!
This is my part of an "art trade", and I had a lot of fun doing it. Always enjoyed doing something weird when it comes to animating dirt!
Thanks for the two beautiful ladies "LizBaer" and "SpittyArtz" for their voices!

Thanks for everyone supporting my content:
(seriously... making stuff is expensive...)

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Very nice work♥♥♥
please more work!

I don't comment very often but I would like to mention I LOVE the 18+ content you produce, i've gotten some good wanks too them.

Who are the characters? I'm a recent viewer.

Skashi95 responds:

Those are mine, characters from my series.

the extra sound effects compliment the already great sound track too well, the rhythm and matching themes make this highly hypnotic.
-(extra props for that, even tho Ive never done it myself but matching the right music to the right characters is certainly not easy, or we would be flooded with a million different video game characters on par with Sephiroth and Kefka. (thats right. i went there)

--With most adult grade vids you only pull them out when you are in the mood for them, while this is just plain fun to watch for what it is.--

The Clown always gets me