Sonic's Movie Redesign : Hedgehogs Have Feelings Too

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Sonic The Hedgehog is doomed to live and perish seeking salvation in the shadow of his former self.

My youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzSHr-wO24dtLB0-KkiY3MQ

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I literally do not have words to describe how I feel.

I've tried focusing on this animation a bit, and I am a bit mesmerized, no exaggeration.

I want to specifically state, that, the animation style, altogether with the music added to the project...THE meaning of it... even though it is fiction and whatnot, gives me some sort of satisfaction that I do not know how to describe into words.

Specifically for this type of projects, it would be more than a pleasure to participate with voice acting.

Projects which deliver any sort of meaning... (smart/inteligent) meaning, should it be drama, comedy and whatnot, are the dream job for me.

Now, this project with Sonic, might not deliver any sort of meaning, but it manages very well to deliver feeling. It made me feel sad, regardless of it being a parody! I might use too many words to get more profound with this, and exaggerate a bit. But hey, if something is good, then it is good, and from my side, it diserves appreciation!

@EtherealSnake I want to congratulate you for your work!

Oddly Depressing.. And weird.

Surprisingly good! I thought it was gonna be some meme thingy but it was a bit surreal, chill and sad while also being done over a trend. How did you do that?!

You have such a knack for building an atmosphere and mixing satire and the bizarre with drama that is just... awfully good.

this looks like flipnote studio. is it? can you tell me. you don't have to but you can.

and this movie ok

EtherealSnake responds:

It's done in photoshop with a dithering effect apply to it in after effect .

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3.80 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2019
10:19 AM EDT