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Lust Doll Plus r14.0

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Note: You can also download this game, which'll load things much faster (runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.) Check my most recent news for links! (https://indivigames.newgrounds.com/news/)

Warning: If you play with your browser in incognito mode, your save files will be erased when you close your browser! If you want to keep your progress, make sure to transfer your saves, or don't play in incognito!

How to transfer saves from browser to downloaded version of game: https://imgur.com/a/3vvuB7M
(thanks dooburt for the method!)

Lust Doll Plus is set in a post-apocalyptic semi-modern/future world, where you start alone and confused in a dangerous place, with literally nothing (not even clothes on your back), and go on to carve out a piece of the world for yourself. There'll be a main storyline to follow, but the emphasis is on it being an open world game where you just screw around and have fun.

Kinks currently in the game:
[Bad End]
[Cock Transformation]
[Foot Kink]
[Limb Detachment
[Male Partner]
[Mind Break]
[Orgasm Denial]
[Orgasm Overload]
[Public Humiliation]
[Tickle Torture]

This is a remaster of Lust Doll (downloadable here: https://indivigames.newgrounds.com/news/post/1030432) which I spent three years developing! Note: You do NOT have to have played Lust Doll to enjoy Lust Doll Plus.

I’m running a patreon, if you would like to support me!

Other Places you can find me:

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So ive is thw Queen gonna be sum thin??????(。_。)

indivigames responds:

It'll be a while, because I'm still porting over content from the original game, but eventually yes!

Uhh... Hello, I really like this game, it's well made and cool to spend time,Great job.
I have a few questions about the game:

1-how to enter in the Lil Shop o'horror?

2-How to won Marin's Challenge?

3-How to enter in the Desert Pyramid?

4-There is any route of Pixie and Arlene?

5-There's any way to get pregnant bell?

6-How to get in upper new ark?

And, I have some ideas to the game:

1-you should put more things to wear, like shorts

2-Make any sex scene with Fawn

3-Make animated scenes

4-Make routes that have things of dating, y'know like having a family life with your partner

indivigames responds:

Thanks, I'm happy to hear it!

1 finish the Manor quest, and it'll open up!

2 bring Rinny with you!

3 not in the game yet!

4 not yet!

5 not yet!

6 not yet!

And, I have some ideas to the game:

1 there'll be more stuff to wear later on!

2 she'll have more to do later on too!

3 probably not gonna happen. If I was going to do animated scenes, it would be done that way from the start!

4 eventually there'll be endings where you can choose to settle down with a chosen partner!

i can´t play in fullscreen when i trie the game crash

indivigames responds:

Might be a bug. I'll look into it!

bug when trying to talk to lul or what ever her name is in the massage place in the ark

indivigames responds:

Thanks, I'll fix it!

i have 2 questions 1st how do you annoy cassie? and 2nd what is this dream you keep mentioning is it the succubi pounce you when sleeping in the tower? great game but i kinda wish there was more of a public guide for the lost players (like me) who can't pay for the patron guide (i'm broke af)

indivigames responds:

Make her change clothes a lot! And it's a random scene that'll happen eventually at some point! It's not the succubi pounce scene. Just ask here if you need help!