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In this game, you play as some eye who for some unknown reason has to get up as high as possible. To do this, you have to freeze enemies by shooting them, and then use them as platforms. But be careful! If you freeze the enemies at the wrong place, you might not be able to make it!

W/S or ⇦/⇨ - Move left or right
W, Spacebar or ⇧ - Jump
Mouse - Aim
Left mouse button - Shoot

Q/Esc - Main menu
R - Restart
P - Pause

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How will I play the game when Flash goes bye-bye? Maybe you should take the game, and remake it in unity! :)

Take the risk! This game is amazing, and it will be a shame to never see it again.

Byvsen responds:

I could probably re-export the game as an HTML5 file. But doing that would cost 60 Euro, so I'll have to think about it.

The game concept is great, but the controls are pretty tough to get used to. I get that you want the 360-aiming element, but yeah, its tough to get used to.

I also see some people below saying "Adobe is going bye-bye", which is not true. You should work on turning this game into a mobile app.

Very cool, creative, hard, and fun!

Byvsen responds:

Very glad to hear you like it! :)

So sad that Adobe is going bye-bye in a year, and this game will not be playable, then..

Whoa, that's a creative concept. I like it!

I never got too far, though, mostly because it's hard to both build a reliable platform and shoot the increasing number of enemies coming from all directions.
At some point, I either couldn't properly shoot enemies below me (since the shots were blocked by the frozen enemies, or there were too many of them all around and if I managed to get them all in time, I effectively trapped myself.

I guess I would probably get better with practice, but I think it'd be worth a shot to make it a little easier, because the fun lies in jumping, building and shooting, not starting over every fifteen seconds.
As a suggestion; here's a couple of ways which might improve the game's enjoyability:
– make fewer enemies appear at once
– make the bullets slightly larger and pass through enemies (so you can shoot through frozen enemies or freeze multiple enemies which are close to each other)
– add a "special attack" (right-click) which can be activated every once in a while and freezes everything in your close vicinity.

I tried doing a "jump above an enemy and shoot below" a couple of times, but it almost never worked – the enemy froze, but it still killed me because I was too close.

Nevertheless, it's a great game, but my longest ever playthrough was only like thirty seconds, even though I really tried.

Byvsen responds:

Thank you for the feedback!

You do have the ability to change the difficulty in the game. By pressing the button below the start button in the main menu, you can make the game a little easier. But perhaps I have to make it a little more clear.

I do like the idea of having a special attack though! Might try adding this feature to the game. Again, thanks for posting this! :)

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Jun 7, 2019
5:27 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other