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Inkubak - Ep1 (18+)

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Author Comments

Ink the Incubus gets trapped in the body of an unsuspecting male exchange student. The only food source available seems to be the Bitch next door - will your Host be able to tame her?

This is a "trainer" Visual Novel. Or maybe not?

NEW EP. 1-3:

Mobile: prefer APK download :)


PC/Mac versions available too.

Check my Patreon so I can make next episode faster!


Note: Newgrounds excludes adult games from monetization, I don't get a dime here :/

Alternatively constructive criticism is much appreciated :)

Languages: English, French

Current tags (spoiler): B/G, possession, corruption

Planned tags (spoiler): maledom, [REDACTED]

Let me know what you think so I can make a great Episode 2 :)

EDIT: reworked the pacing a bit ^^

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Lets see, just doing a very brief overlook.
I can say: The pacing does seem a bit all over the place. But others have said that before me.
You'll want to aim for it to be some work, but not a chore.
The start is kind of a bit button mashing. You basically sum up the first piles of dialogue in the description. Making it a bit moot.

I will say however: I never got too far in: But I DO hope that 1: You remember what an incubus is supposed to do, and you know: Is actually remotely competent at sex xD And can actually make women cum, not just himself. 2: There is some variety in terms of genitalia. IE: The player make isn't just some hyper dude, while whatever girls he runs into all have the same identical porn vag xP

Other than that, it seems like it could be a nice premise.

BozR responds:

Seems like you perfectly guessed where I'm going with the next episode (in progress), good!

I think the pacing is a bit fucked. It starts off with a variety of things to do, and then I found myself just spam clicking through 'heat-knock-massage-knock-massage-heat-knock-massage' like a dozen times. Could cut out a few cycles, imo.

BozR responds:

I'll keep that in mind, thanks!

It doesn't really work that well, the scenes jump around and i have to click buttons multiple times to get them to work. When the slap that ass button showed up it glitched me back to the same scene and i had to loop through 3-4 times until i could get through, I'm on firefox. Seems to be the case for all these games made using this engine

The opening scene was pretty good, it set up the story and didn't feel too contrived, while I don't personally find the whole angels vs demons thing to be compelling, it is a reasonable fantasy base to start with. However the first human scene was very cringy, hard to get through even if the controls were working lol. I have no desire to want to be that pathetic guy and I have no desire to want to be with that bitchy girl. I'd like to give the game more of a try and a fair rating, the art looks pretty good, but its too buggy to bring myself to push through the story elements that I find discompelling

BozR responds:

Thanks for the honest feedback!

Re: game going backward / looping, it sounds like something is triggering your mouse wheel (which allows you to go back and undo your latest actions). Maybe you're attempting to scroll in a small browser window?

Re: the story, you don't start as a super-hero, you gotta earn it ;) Thanks again for the detailed reaction!

Solid point n' click, but man is the ending at present a letdown. So much build for just the one scene, and the scene is kind of a tease to say the least.

It might streamline things a bit if you were to remove the need to rest overnight for the house to heat-up. I can tell you from experience that central air works faster than in 12+ hour stretches.

BozR responds:

Haha, I wish I could include moar content but after a few months' work I had to release a first playable version with some completion, and get players feedback :)
For the heating, problem is Ink has limited autonomy and can't wait for long, I'll try to think of something!

It gets a bit repetitive but overall well done and worth a play through. I'm looking forward to the next installation.

BozR responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I had to cut out some content for time/motivation reasons and thus the gameplay can lack variety during the last steps. I'll keep that in mind ;)

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2.96 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2019
3:48 PM EDT
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