Lust Epidemic - V.37

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NOTE: This version of the game has reduced quality so it can load smoothly over the internet. If you want to play the FREE, full quality version, visit http://Patreon.com/nlt

In this hybrid visual novel, RPG, and Adventure game you play as a student of East State University named Brad who finds himself stranded at rival college Saint Dame University during a hurricane that has unexpectedly changed course and struck the town.

While exploring the ancient and creepy campus grounds you'll uncover many mysteries and secrets... as well as some sexy fun time with some amazing babes!

This game does not contain incest, rape, or beastiality.

If you like what you see, please support the development of this game at...

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Amazing game, im loving everything. When will be the next update?

I want to like this, i really do. Puzzle solving elements, rewards for looking around more than necessary, tantalizing collectibles just out of reach etc.
However there is one major hurdle i cant get over. The main character is deplorable. Like i get it, we are all only human and at first i sympathized with him, but the second he finds the (spoilers) girls trapped in the rooms, his first thought should not be "If i release them maybe they will have sex with me." It makes me not want to root for him. I think there is ways to have the same outcomes without the MC being a complete manipulative and borderline evil tool.

This game is good, seriously.
The quality of images is reduced to go smoothly online, still managed to get me horny.
The story is really interesting, the plot development is convincing and keeps one curious to find out more.

The only downside is forcing the player to read ALL text slowly, and to watch animations even when they are not as interesting, especially at the beginning. Once you get past that, it becomes a minor inconvenience.
I completed the version and must say, the thought of going through the first part again almost takes out the will to play the next update. That's the only reason why I don't give this game a full 5 stars!

so much fucking unskippable text

Really good game, especially since rpg maker games usually all feel the same. But also it froze right after I turned on the AC and i had o refresh my page and restart.

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2019
2:25 PM EDT
Adventure - Other