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CoAx 19/103 5 Points

Get half the Gold (19/103). It doesn't matter how many Clones you use.

CoAx 38/206 50 Points

Get all the Gold (38/206). It doesn't matter how many Clones you use.

CoAx Lives! 100 Points

Get all the Gold (38/206) without using any Clones.

Author Comments

CoAx is a simple, fun keyboard-based game. Collect the Gold from the Crates while avoiding the Death Zone. The first Crate contains a short Tutorial. Pause the game (P Key), then click on 'INFO' for a complete description of all the keys used in CoAx.

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I must be misunderstanding the medal requirements or something, because I could have sworn I got the first two. Not that this game is that worth it. Bit boring, pongish with factory deaths, idk.

Mondauthor responds:

Gotta press the Escape Key to end a game. That's when your score gets calculated and sent to the NG Scoreboard.

I agree that the idea is interesting, but... the whole randomness discourages from playing the game further. I am also 100% sure that nobody will ever get the last medal, it is just impossible. Also one crucial thing: having in mind how long it has to take to finish the whole game PROGRESS SAVING is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. It is also related to the medal issues people may experience: the game will simply disconnect from NG after such a long gameplay and the medals will not be awarded.

Mondauthor responds:

I got CoAx Lives!, so it is possible...just challenging. It takes great skill.

Not sure what you mean by 'randomness'. The amount of bounce off of the geometry is fixed. The direction of gravity in each level is fixed. The speed a level rotates is fixed. Box2D works consistently across all computers. All that consistency is necessary or the player could not increase their skill.

Thanks for commenting. Progress saving is probably a good idea.

What you failed to mention is that to get the first medal, you need both 103 gold, and 19 red gold! That makes a hell lot of a difference. Otherwise, the idea is good, but the execution is.... well do you really want me to say it?

EDIT: let's just say that the execution does not encourage the player to dwell for too long in the game. Hey, but the idea is cool

Mondauthor responds:

Yes, I want you to say it. The Medal is called 'CoAx 19/103' with the 19 in red and the 103 in yellow, so I did mention it. I just did it graphically rather than with words.

EDIT: WooHoo 213! I should make a YT Video...yep.

I like the concept of the game however the medals sadly do not work - after a lot of effort getting them!

Mondauthor responds:

The Medals were fully beta-tested prior to publication. I won all three Medals. I had to press the Escape Key to end the game (that is where the code resides which reports your score to the NG Scoreboard and awards any relevant Medals). Anybody else having this problem?

the medals and game is hard to achieve at and get bored ounce your left with no more coins you can get without trail and eroor also the count for goal gets covered in red splat if you get it near score so you have to go through map to see if you have every coin if you get that part messy why no clean option ? just a quick clean swipe dont restrat game unless your ok with loosing your progress i was thinking if i restart game i can clear the boarders of screen to see score and lost progress i made at 120 coin

Mondauthor responds:

It was decided (game design) not to include a cleaning option for CoAx death splats since the rollover popups would tell you how much Gold was currently in any Crate. Sorry you lost the 120.

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2019
12:43 PM EDT