Backyard Chickens

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Have you ever wanted to keep backyard chickens?
Have you ever found yourself thinking. 'He I know backyard chickens are a pleasure, and can provide me with a wonderful fresh egg source. But i just don't know what to do?'

Well, you can sit down and shut your damn mouth, I mean , no , you can sit down and relax, because this video cuts through the mystery and explains in concrete terms the steps required for domestic poultry keeping.

No longer will you envy your friends. With this One-stop guide, you will be able to house and master the art of keeping your own chickens.

The term: 'Animal husbandry' is tossed around a lot when discussing farm animals these days, but all too often the discussion leaves you perplexed. You feel like your friends are talking an alien language. And even worse. You feel stupid. You feel like a pathetic loser who can't even keep chickens in his or hers own backyard. Fuck you, you stupid dummy. Right?


You can say. 'Fuck you back! I now know how to keep backyard chickens thanks to this youtube video!'

After watching this video you will probably STILL find yourself asking:

'What is animal husbandry?'
'Should I be against Animal Husbandry?'
'What does my president think of animal husbandry?'
'Does supporting animal husbandry mean that I'm a rapist?'

If you have any of the above questions, plus thousands more. Then this youtube video will answer those questions. Plus we will answer many more questions. Questions that you didn't even want answered!
Answers like:
'Yes, that was another man jumping out your bedroom window when you arrived home from work yesterday.'
'Yes, that is the receipt for a Saturday matinee when your wife said she was visiting her sisters.'
and finally, we will give you our big answer:
'Yes, you son does look like the Chinese guy who

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