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Retro Knight 5.0

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Retro Knight 5.0 has arrived, and it is bigger and better than ever.

This game is so massive and so fun that you'll want to get it on your phone so you can play it later.

Hey, you can! Download for iPhone/Android to play on the go!

Retro Knight has so much stuff crammed into it that its probably best if you just play it and discover for yourself. However, if you like reading, here's a list of some of the stuff you can do:

- Explore a giant, real-time world via sandbox gameplay. Do whatever you want!
- Complete daily quests handed down from King Kerupt and General Jerkface for Badges. Unlock new areas and progress to new islands!
- Buy your own house and decorate it how you want! Visit others as well!
- Collect literally hundreds of different items from swords, guns, food, magic items, costumes, gems, fish, seeds, or get your very on vespa!
- Open your own store to sell items to other players!
- Go fishing, ride in a mine-cart, visit the carnival, or jump in a barrel and head down the river! Take a balloon ride, or hop in a Floaty Cloud to explore far away areas!
- Customize your character at a Salon.
- Help the Build Brigade and upgrade the landscape!

There's so much more, you'll be playing this game for months to find it all! Hop into Retro Knight and start playing today!

(NOTE: To keep up with updates, this is now v5.7.)

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fun and funny but boring :(

Sorry for the late change to my review. For clarity, my review was 0/5 due to a game-breaking bug that removed all ability to literally play the game.

Since the game has been fixed and I've actually been able to play it, however, I've been having so much fun and laughing at all the little jokes that I've completely forgotten about my initial negative review. So here's a score that reflects my true feelings towards this game. 5/5

scpgames responds:

Thank you for your kind words and vote. :)

There's a lot to do in this game.

The voice acting isn't all the best, but I'm sure that's part of the charm. Some really cool sound fx if I might add (especially the 2nd retro attack, made me think of SSBM instantly).

I'd ignore some of the 0 star reviews, if that's what you are looking at and are wary of playing this, the controls are very easy to understand, as long as you know that when 'aswd' controls don't work try the arrow pad, and if you play the tutorial you should be ok. I mean yeah, there is a controls menu where you can keybind, lets be real and say you are going to probably be like me and skip right past that all and hit play, but like I said, it isn't hard to grasp the controls. As for saving, well I can't attest to either side.

Overall, this game shows a lot of love and dedication, and would recommend giving it a shot. Games like this aren't usually my thing, but I had fun playing the first part of this.

scpgames responds:

Thanks for the honest review. :) The voice is me and is a character I've played for years which I love. He used to be a stupid hitman, but now he is a stupid knight.

It wasn't super-easy for me to set up keyboard controls as this is meant to be a mobile game where the D-pad and attack buttons are just on the screen.

Ideally, the game is meant to be played for like 10-30 minutes a day. It's meant to be a "casual RPG". I don't expect people to play it for hours on end. I don't. Every day there's new stuff to check out and I hope that aspect brings people back.

u dont even tell me the controls

scpgames responds:

Keyboard options are on the title screen and in the pause menu. You can edit them at any time.


scpgames responds: