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Deep Water

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I had a weird dream where Jim Sterling came to my house...

A film by Daniel Elliott
Music supplied by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcavSftXHgxLBWwLDm_bNvA/featured
Additional Audio supplied by: temawas, InspectorJ, Timbre, Macifharpoyume, harpoyume, mrshadow170, Sinjohnt,zevcuk, MAJ061785, Kodack, 180156, worthahep88, kangaroovindaloo & kyles.

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The animation has a great feeling to it, even if I didn't understand what it was about. I thought the line in reverse would clear it up, but nope. The confusion isn't frustrating, however, and it blended quite nicely with the rest of the viewing experience.

I hate it when, and then this, for that, and then they go and do this, and then this thing happens, and then, oh man, before, and then I'm a man, and then when it did finally happen and why, oh boy, and then for uh [unintelligible]

Gerkinman responds:

I was wondering if anyone would take the time to reverse the audio to find out what was being said but I was sure to cut it up, take parts out and jumble it just in case!

Im glad you didnt find the vagueness frustrating, it was based on a dream and I wanted to try to replicate that feeling as best as I could, something thats becoming increasingly common in my work.

I really love this new grainy style you've been using, it's especially fitting for something like this. The comedy and atmosphere is great as always.

I was confused by the shrimp at first, but then I read the description and it all made sense lmao

Funnily enough, I too have had a dream involving Jim Sterling, though that was a bit different...

Gerkinman responds:

Hey thanks, I like trying to make my work feel a bit more tactile, im not a fan of super digital feeling work.

Your dream sounds saucy... :P


Gerkinman responds:

Your not wrong.