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Tarzan: Jane's Dilemma

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Skadoo Toons presents - Jane's Dilemma! A Tarzan inspired short 18+ game!

Play as Clayton, a hunter/guide hired to lead the Porter family through a remote island jungle. While you want to find gorillas to hunt, the Porters want to find them to study. Either way, you both want to find these gorillas and only one man knows where they are... Tarzan!

If you can convince Jane Porter to cozy up with Tarzan and make him head over heels for her, he might just lead you to the beasts! And to make sure Jane will do her job properly, you better make sure she knows what she's doing!

Hey guys, I hope you enjoy the game! This was an attempt to try a more narrative focused game! I really see things coming along compared to where I first started out at the beginning of the year.

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i start the game and i see a poorly drawn man with a shotgun, some first impression

Tarzan is not goanna like this

Decent, should have a replay option after completing the game to just get right back into the action, also bad character choice. No one liked that guy.

can we have a windows link

if only that ugly bastard clayton wasn't the focus....