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[OLD COMMISSION] Awesomenauts NSFW- Ksenia's Surprise Attack!

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Author Comments

This is an old animation I got commissioned a pretty long time ago.

Haven't been uploading for awhile because I'm working on bigger projects that have a little more than this. It takes time to make really cool shit so bare with me.


If you want to help me make more content like this consider joining me over on Patreon.

Or you can just keep up to date with more of my stuff over on twitter.

Thankyou for watching.

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It is... glitched? I"m not even sure what's wrong, it just doesn't work properly to me
By the way, shouldn't this be a game? Why is it shown in the Movie category?

Shes really cute!! /*^_^*\

I wasn't sure what to expect, but: Was somehow surprised by Coco being a dude.
You need to tag your stuff better. Gonna have to dock some points off for that.

Other than that, this is perfectly adequate. His balls are a placed a bit off.
Really good job on the background.
The "cum inside" was imp rather badly done however. Oddly cartoony spasms and how the cum gathers. The outside version is really solid however.

And lol, ofc Rae is also secretly a dude xD
Can really notice in this how your breasts have improved.

FleppyFlepster responds:

I talked to someone who's been following you for awhile Kattlarv.
I'm sorry to hear some of the bad things that may have happened to you in the past but I hope someone in your life is taking care of you or at least cares because some of the things you have said in my chat and from reviews I have seen you post in the past remind me of some of my own thoughts and negative feelings I have had towards life.

Im no stranger to hating the world, I've had many ups and downs in my life with some of the darkest thoughts of hurting myself for a long time. I've had those moments of pain feeling as if the world has done something severely wrong to me because of the actions of others. All I can see is someone who is struggling immensely and I worry about you, even if I don't know who you are personally, from one human to another from what I can see there's an immense spite towards the world for the things that may have been done to you. I don't know you're personal life but with the way you interact with other people I know it must be hard, I know you must be feeling something that bothers you.

I don't like banning or blocking people but I can't sit here and look at a direct reflection of the worst version of myself I can see in you as it upsets me immensely.

I want to help but I don't think I can with the state of my own mind and the restrictions the internet has when your just typing a short message to people who may be struggling. I hope some of my words make sense, and I hope life is treating you fairly outside of the computer if it isn't online because the last thing I would want to find out is that your life outside of the reviews, the internet, and the "critic" you portray here is anything similar.

I don't think life is ever fair to people like you, and people who have struggled immensely like me, or anyone else who has ever felt similar but we can't attack the world for what may be something completely out of our control and partially to blame on ourselves.

You deserve love just as much as anyone else but you have to invite it in first, you'll see that the world cares about you more than you know.

Please keep yourself safe. ~Fleppy

old but gold for sure

*Penny* Ooh, come to mamma!