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Author Comments

Thanks for the frontpage! :)

A time waster puzzle game.
Save letters from collapse and arrange them to form as many words as possible!

+ Implemented WASD for moving letters.
+ Added Game Speed 0 for training.
+ Added 79 new words for a total of 100 words.

+ Fixed a bug on tutorial.
+ Fixed the no mission completed status.
+ Little bit marked game speed up.

- When no words on screen, bar alight rapidly;
+ Alight the bar by pressing DOWN.

+ Gameplay more flexible:
▶ When no words on screen, bar alight rapidly;
▶ If bubble motion is acting and bar is empty, it
wait for change;
▶ Added difficulty selector;
▶ Slow bar speed on tutorial.

Executable - https://healliesgames.itch.io/droword

A game made in a couple of days, to break the silence in my account.
I'm working on another game, but very slowly for momentary lack of inspiration.

In this game I used Newgrounds scoreboard as a little "cloud" to store players avatar.



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This game makes me feel really dumb im so confused when moving letters and knowing if we can spell left to right or have to go up to down or opposite ughh take this back to math games please lol

HealliesGames responds:

I'm sorry to hear this.
Words should be spelt from left to right, as they normally read.
You can try speed 0 for getting the hang of it, it's less complex than it seems!

The initial tutorial was a bit confusing as it went by so fast. I was really lost, especially since I was unable to do the tutorial again! Once I did get into the game and figure it out, however, I had a lot of fun! Could use a little work on the onboarding process, as said before, could use some more juice (like make the word completions pop more and the transitions smoother), and make it more prevalent what column you have selected (yellow isn't bright enough, easy to lose track of current column when it gets fast).

HealliesGames responds:

A pop animation could be interesting! Even a custom column colour.
Actually I'm experimenting with other projects, but I'm going to update this.
Thanks for your feedback, FuturecopLGF!

Well, i'd say this game is decent. This may get boring after a while but it's decent.
Overall it's a creative idea to swap letters and make them words. At the right-up corner you can see what word you should create. The problem is that you can create multiple words using same letters (clam and calm, flow and wolf) so to get a pretty high score you must look at it.
Graphically this game is good to look at, i have no problems with it.

Overall this game gets 8/10 from me.

HealliesGames responds:

It's funny that the idea of the game was born after the title itself.
I was looking for an infinite puzzle game with chill sounds and graphics. It's a shame how I managed well the artistic aspect and less the gameplay, but I'm satisfied I've done it in two days.

If something should come to my mind, I might consider resuming the project and implementing something like obstacles or upgrades.

Glad you liked the idea and thank you for your feedback, LunarGD!

In terms of a finished project, 4.5/5. It has a clean, collected aesthetic, simple and tight programming, and with the exception of a few questionable control choices (one-button speed selection, etc.) it does what it set out to do. Good programming, good graphics.

As a game though, it's uhhhh....
I'm not sure where to draw the line between constructive criticism and just tearing this apart. The more I think about what makes it boring, the more I resent playing it in the first place.

One thing to think about is that falling puzzles can be a bit tricky for online play because your users have different hardware that results in different experiences. The core challenge is summed as "organization vs. time pressure" but if someone's laptop runs slow as hell, there's no time pressure left.

Even then, there really isn't anything rewarding about this game. I think I scored second place with 101 just because I was scared that I would have to replay the game to set a higher score after the 7th avatar. I could have done half that in one game at max speed, then lost the rest of the required games as fast as possible. Let me reiterate that: the bulk of your "missions" involve either solving a topologically identical puzzle dozens of times in a row, or to play the game as little as possible. The players are intrinsically rewarded for not playing your game. That's a pretty big red flag.
As for the scoreboard, I want you to know that it isn't a competition of patience (which implies a reward and/or eventual change), it's a competition of tolerance. It's a measuring stick to see how long people can put up with being bored. That isn't a competition that anyone should want to win, and encouraging such behavior is an act of evil.

So on one hand, great job on putting everything together, kudos to your presentation and execution. On the other hand, I hate this in ways that I cannot civilly express and I wish I never laid eyes on it. I was initially rating 2.5, but the Tankman icon for 1.5 matches my expression much closer.

HealliesGames responds:

Thank you for your time, norat!
I liked your review, nothing to complain about.

Discrepancy between the two types of missions is abysmal:
one require to play, one require to not play.

Perhaps, could the competition be saved by increasing maximum speed?

Interesting game, but it had issues.

The controls were counter-intuitive. I found myself thinking often "now which key combo do I press to shuffle these things up?" Perhaps mapping the column select to the arrow keys and using the WASD keys to move the contents of the column?

As a suggestion, Perhaps, until a word is 1st scored, a speed zero setting where the timer does not tick down until you move a letter (you can still speed up the timer), that way you can get a better grasp of how to move letters around that are adjacent. This was my recurring problem. I would get a letter I wanted to move next to one that I didn't and when under time pressure it can be off-putting. I suppose that is part of the challenge, but I found it more irksome than challenging. Indeed, I would spend one in four segments just moving letters up to buy me more time to think. Again, I suppose its part of the challenge, but I never got to that point. It was stuck at vexing for me.

There is a solid time waster game there somewhere, but it needs refinement and polish. To each their own, but this just isn't mine.

HealliesGames responds:

I found all the suggestions an improvement for the game.
WASD for moving letters and "Game speed 0" will be added soon.
(Speed 0 will be exempt for the best score and online ranking).

Thanks for your feedback, TheRxMan!

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2019
1:08 PM EDT
Puzzles - Falling
  • GameMaker Studio 1