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Artemis Woods

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A dirty old man finds an injured ranger in the middle of the woods.

A short game I made to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully I'll be able to make longer things from here on out.


EDIT 6/3/19

Apparently people are having problems with the game freezing. If you can tell me at what point it freezes for you, I can look into finding the issue. Any other criticism is welcome.


EDIT 6/5/19

Re-balanced the game so that it's not insanely hard. I apologize to all the people who were completely unable to get passed the boss.
Enemies are reworked
You can heal yourself after level 5, with the spell Refresh
You start with an Apple that recovers health


EDIT 6/6/19

Further balance work
Basic Bats now grant EXP
I've solved the freezing issue people have been having

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Not bad but not good either, liked the grind to level up to defeat the bat, felt very satisfying when i beat it, the the story, not to my liking with a creepy old man.


This is a good game, but when i first started to fight the first monster, the alcoholic bat, i selected special. I clicked on the "hail of arrows", and it froze. It wouldn't let me do anything else. Please fix!

after grinding to level 10, I then told the old bloke to shove off and left him, surprised it was even an option considering the genre, I know this is an older game of your but mad props for having that option!

how the fuck do i kill the first boss?