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Dungeon Tail Titfuck Gameplay

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Dungeon Tail v0.02a is now available for everyone! Find the download links here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dungeon-tail-v0-27064024

Or just enjoy this gameplay video :3

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this is very weird dialoge

This massage really gives energy in the right places. And I like how just a few lines makes boobs looks great (the piercing is a cool thing here)

Super good shit

Great work! Nice animation, simple, but nice dialogue to set things up.
The sound is off though, as the male's genitalia doesn't show any signs of water or soap to account for the loud squishing sound, though when the position is changed that can be inferred there at least.

Very sexy work, I am looking forward to trying this game sometime!

OmegaOzone responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I agree the sounds at the start are not as fitting as they could be, I'll work on making them a tad more fitting for the situation. Glad you like it so far though!

Overall, does look pretty solid as of now.
I do hope you'll go with matching anatomy for the genitalia.
And well, give the females more depth than "no needs or self-regard" and personality outside of "exists to pleasure dick" xD

Most porn fails at all three of those. But yeah, the style is rather charming.

OmegaOzone responds:

Yep, the anatomy of the genitalia is definitely going to match, no worries there. The scene starts off with a focus on Vyncent's (the wolf boy) pleasure but the next part will be more pleasurable for both parties. Not to mention the lewd scenarios later on that won't involve Vyncent at all.

Glad you like the style though!